Spotify Music catalogue updated with 1,700 releases

Along with the today’s pre-releases we also have an overall update to our music catalogue to let you know about. About 1,7000 singles and albums were added, in total about 22,000 new tracks. Included in today’s update is the latest solo album from Peter Doherty, Grace/Wasteland, and a new single from the Pet Shop Boys, Love, etc..

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country due to regional restrictions.


  1. Huge bunch of InsideOut stuff back. Pain Of Salvation, Riverside, Symphony X, Ayreon, Threshold, Sieges Even and many many many others. That’s like half of my favourite bands and half of my record collection.

    Best. Spotify. Update. Ever. I’m so very happy I have paid for premium.

    Now if we could only get Pagan’s Mind albums back…

  2. So glad to see my favourite German aggrotechers Funker Vogt included in this update, and some more Front Line Assembly too: excellent!

  3. What are the record companies benefiting from these regional restrictions and how much is left to add from the back catalogue?

  4. The best scorpions album is back! Yes! (Taken by force) Not to metion Blackmore’s Night, Annihilator, Sodom , Motörhead etc.. one of the best updates ever.

  5. hello again. I ask if the record “Blanco y Negro” has sent any track and if they have any intention of doing so; in Spain has many rights, despite being included in merlin, not even a single track in spotify.

    I hope your answer. thanks.

  6. These two last updates have been kickass, Steamhammer, Inside out & Moonfog = Great work guys, thanks!

  7. Jippie, Saga is added! I’ve been waiting for those old canadian symphonic rockers since I hooked up with this service. 😀

  8. Anyone who knows exactly how many songs spotify is containing right now? (if you drop the geographical restrictions)
    And how many of these songs are available in Sweden?

  9. It’s nice that other people are finding old favourites are returning or that new tracks from some of their favourite artists are being added, but it’s just not happening for me.

    I went through the whole Google Doc list and found about 6 artists that interest me, pasted the URIs into the Spotify client only to find that all 6 were “not currently available in Sweden”.

    It’s all very well that you’re adding 10,000 tracks per day (as you keep telling us) and by the law of averages you must eventually add something that I like, but so far it’s not happening very often.

  10. @akselus:
    If you perform the following search “year:0-2100”, the current total in Sweden is 2562096.

    But you raise an interesting question that I think only Andres can answer…

    When we perform a search such as “year:0-2100” does the returned total contain tracks that are restricted or not available or can all the tracks returned by the search be played?

    If he doesn’t answer here we can also ask him in the support forum.

  11. More awesome. Thank you.

    Why do you keep uploading Google Docs? You’ll probably get more search engine love if you list the titles in the blog post? Just saying.

  12. This will be named the wacken update. Metal/rock for Wacken Open Air and Industrial for Wacken Gothic Treffen. 🙂

  13. digithed – That search only displays what you can play, not all tracks in Spotify.

    shwmae – It’s tough to list 1,700 albums in a blog post. 🙂 We’ve got some plans to better display things online but it will take awhile before it all get’s built, stay tuned.

  14. Andres, again: PLEASE add a “date added:” search criterion in the Spotify client finally, then we can search for new releases of a specific period in combination with other search criteria on our own and you don’t have to create any update spreadsheets anymore!!!

  15. Very nice update! A lot of nice bands (Beardfish, Paatos, Riverside etc.). Some Anekdoten and Änglagård to this and it would make me busy for a long while.

  16. Very impressed – Delirious?’s new live CD is on and it was released yesterday! How I love thee, Spotify.

  17. @afront: I know these services but AFAIK they are based on the google spreadsheet again. But my suggestion is for searching directly within the client for new releases!

    @jonty: Are you’s Jonty?

  18. hi, was just on to ask if you could put on the new Prodigy album “invaders must die”, or at least there new single “omen”

  19. Where have New Modern Angels and other synth pop bands gone? You can search and find them on Spotify where they existed until a month ago. But all you get now is an empty artist page… Sad.

  20. Annihilator – Second to none is wrong! It says “Hell is a war” where the song is Second to none, and the song named “Second to none” is something else of only 50 seconds. Please fix that.

  21. Please, please, please put on the album Invaders must Die by The Prodigy as soon as possible.

    If you are going to upload it, do you have a set date yet?

  22. CAn you put on the album “invaders must die” by “The prodigy” ( not just prodigy btw ) and “hold your colour” by pendulum 🙂
    Thankssss =]