Spotify Music catalogue updated with 7,500 releases

We have another update to our music catalogue today. If you were looking for something to do this weekend feel free to browse through the latest additions. Overall we added just over 7,500 albums and singles to Spotify, about 88,000 tracks in total.

A lot of today’s titles come from indie artists represented by Merlin. We’ve also added the much anticipated back catalogue content from Radiohead, albums such as The Bends and OK Computer are now available.

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country due to regional restrictions.


  1. A wonderful update! Thanks Andres and the Spotify team.

    I have already written about several new releases today and there is much more to come. Please come over to the Spotinews blog to find what’s good and what’s new.

  2. For some reason it seems that many, many albums seem to have increasing number of songs flagged unavailable, also several albums in this update list (for example from Teräsbetoni and Dingo). Older example that I can think of is Also some Finnish albums in this update list have been made unavailable in Finland for whatever reason. With a couple of albums that haven’t yet been released I understand it, but is supposed to have been released in Finland already. Also, none of the numerous Johanna Kustannus albums that disappeared a couple of weeks ago have come back. There seems to be something wrong with these country limitations…

    The only explanation I can I think of for these missing tracks is that it may be too easy for labels to pick out single songs that they don’t want in Spotify. It’s really annoying to say the least. Somebody set up us the bomb?

  3. Fantastic stuff! Thank you for all the rare kitchsy old and great new Norwegian music in this update 😀

  4. too bad that most of the artists I wanted to hear have made the newly added tracks UNAVAILABLE. Why add songs that has still been made unavailable by the label/artist? a big amount of the asian artists I wanted to check out wasn’t available to listen to. This is a big dissapointment.

  5. I have been using all of my tech knowhow(being a solutions integrator) to download and integrate media into my home for years. Spotify has made my home network what i have been trying to make it with the drop of a hat. Down with file sharing, i will pay for this service twice even thrice. im converted beleive me. I dont even comment on blogs, i must be overwhelmed!

  6. Still miss a lot music, some of them where taken away earlier. But I’ll keep paying for this – If it’s not on Spotify it doesen’t exsist. Soon artist themeself wont accept beeing marginalized by their own recordcompanys.

  7. I just realized the Swedish band “Lillasyster” is missing, this is really making me sad. If this is a act by the band I’m never going to buy another album by them.

  8. You have listed that the catalogue is updated with Tracy Chapman. Great!
    But when I’m trying to play it I get the message “The artist/label has chosen to make this track unavailable”!
    Fix this please!

  9. Ohhh! Nice focus on norwegian music here! My swedish friends will definitely get tired of me now 😉

    And a fast music suggestion: Grand Island – Love in Decay

    Thank you! 😀

  10. blackmoore: Lillasyster are signed to Gain and there are other albums on that label available in Spotify (For example: spotify:album:1e3Gd0IH5NxDdWUmHsVCND).

  11. Oops. Forget to say that my point is that Lillasyster most likely will be added.

  12. You should show in the spreadsheet in which country every album/single is avaliable in.

  13. Good to see Joni Mitchell’s fantastic album Blue was added but the best song on the album is restricted

  14. great update!!! entombed, vader, dismember, radiohead and more!!! keep up the good work! love ya!

  15. Great update!

    Would be great if the UK got Oasis 😦

    I love Falling Down and would love to play it on Spotify 🙂

    I am guessing that cause I can’t find Falling Down on Spotify that it is not available in the UK yet say?

  16. You still need to get all the old (and current) Fat Wreck artists in Spotify.
    Quite a few great artists started there, and you only have recent stuff on Spotify :<

    p.s., you’ve got an artist listed as “Frenzal Bomb”, when in reality they’re “Frenzal Rhomb”.
    Fix! 🙂

  17. PMMP’s new album was listed on this release update.
    I informed the band about it, and it came to them as shock. It isn’t out yet, officially. Tomorrow, 25th day, is the official release day.
    So, where do you get these albums?

  18. eku – The albums and release dates come directly from the label, Sony Music in this case.

  19. I myself am a huge fan of Radiohead and i particulary admire how they’re developed their style from one masterpeice to another over the years so i would very much appreciate if the spotify team could please add the album “In Rainbows” to spotify soon please.