Spotify feature, creating and sharing playlists

One of the more common questions we get from users is how they can create and share playlists with friends. We decided to put together a short tutorial to highlight this feature so if you’re wondering how you can get started sharing Spotify with other have a look.

We plan to make more of these videos in the coming weeks to help highlight all the cool features that Spotify has, if there’s a specific feature or functions you’d like to see a video of let us know and we’ll look into making it.


  1. Nice video. Marginally creepy without backing music mind. One of the best features of Spotify so it will be good if even more people learn how to use it. Are you going to launch your own playlist sharing service soon? None of the other ones have really appealed to me yet.
    I think a video on narrowing down searches for genres, dates, artists etc would be good. I just about get it but keep reading posts from people who say “wouldn’t it be great if Spotify let you search by genre?”. Although the feature is still in early stages I think a video explaining it with a list of all the genre names and other search tricks would be very useful.

  2. jellyfilip – Thanks for the comment. We considered music in the background but thought it would be hard to hear the voiceover.

    Is there anything in particular you’re missing in a playlist sharing site? We don’t currently have plans to make our own since so many of them are popping up but maybe if we knew what you find lacking someone will develop it.

    Searching is a good idea for a video, I’ll add it to the list.

  3. When will you let us have a commentbox in the shared playlist, and see who added each song, and limitations in adding/removing songs and..and… ??


  4. There are quite many playlists in my Spotify client now and I am really missing one thing: the possibility to create different folders where I can put them.

  5. An internal playlist sharing service would stop the hassle of having to register for yet another site. It would also allow you to maybe share playlists only between a certain number of people or select whether you want the playlist to display who has added a track. The annonymous adding is occasionally hilarious but can sometimes be annoying. The main way my friends and I have been sharing playlists is between friends using Twitter and Facebook status updates. A huge public listing of playlists is not personal enough.
    No one wants Spotify to become another Social Networking site but simple username clicks which could display all the playlists they have opted to make public would be great.
    I also second the comment that grouping or hiding playlists would be very useful. I have far too many and it’s clumsy to scroll down to drag every time (the right click option helps but it’s not enough). Favouriting albums would also be useful as I don’t want to have to make a playlist everytime I find something I like.

  6. It would be ace if there was a function to allow certain users to add to the playlist. eg. on;ly 6 chosen users can add to a playlist. Tt can be shared with numerous others who aren’t able to add to the playlist. it’s probably in your backlog. or at least… i hope it is 🙂

  7. I see all features users want to include in the software, today Spotify is a simple software but will it stay ?
    An idea : Creat an official platform in the software where people can ‘downloading’ new features as add-on in Firefox for example. In this way, each people have the software he wants and Spotify stays simple !
    What do you think about it ??
    (Im also posting this idea on

  8. Sorry I haven’t had time to watch the video yet, but I just wanted to ask…

    Have you explained in the video that, due to regional restrictions imposed by the artists and record labels and the way Spotify stores multiple versions of the same track (one for each region), shared playlists will not work correctly if they are shared between people in different “regions” (whatever the record labels have decided that to mean), if they contain tracks that are restricted?

  9. I watched this video “in line” on the blog page and found it a wee bit too small to see (I couldn’t read any of the text, for example). It’s fine viewed full-screen, but it’d help to perhaps zoom in on the relevant section under commentary, or embedding the file slightly larger here on the blog if possible.

    For advanced (e.g. genre) searching, showing that you have to type in e.g.

    track:creep -artist:radiohead genre:Rock

    may make the search seem a little “nerdy” and complicated, imo. So, either wait until it’s improved in the client or better yet feel free make a video of Spotify Super Search: 😉

    Feature videos are a great idea though – looking fwd to the next one!

  10. The most anticipated feature in Spotify for me is the ability to add bookmarks!

    When I use Spotify, it feels like I’m “surfing” the music-web in some sense. Spotify is my browser to an unlimited world of music to discover. So why can’t I have a bookmark catalogue, with folders and comments, that remembers the address to everything??

    I would never use a web browser without a bookmarking function… I don’t think that playlists is an alternative, that’s something completely different I think.

    So do you have any plans on adding this?

  11. julbingo, you are so right!!! there is no way of saving any visited “page” apart from putting all songs into a playlist. but i don’t necessarily want a playlist… especially because when looking at an artist page it is a much better overview than looking at a saved playlist. i want to bookmark those pages… please bring it into the next versions of the software!

  12. By the way:

    We all made so many bug reports and very useful feature requests for the Spotify client, so it would be time for the next major release which covers many of these issues mentioned in the Spotify support forum.

    So what is your time schedule for the release of the next major Spotify update?

  13. akrde – We don’t plan “major” releases. We release features as they are ready but I can assure you that a lot of the planning we do is based on user feedback.

  14. @jellyfilip

    Regarding your quote: “An internal playlist sharing service would stop the hassle of having to register for yet another site”

    I couldn’t agree more. We have created to make it as simple and quick to upload, share and discover new playlists as possible. No registration needed!

    Our aim is to make things as easy as posible for users to share playlists and we recognise that having to register for *yet another* site can be a turn off.

  15. I miss an option to make the songs from a link queue after the actual song instead of playing right away. =)

  16. You haven’t quite sussed it. I have no right click on Apple OS X 10.4 So I can’t share playlists. Get no sub menu popping up. The only way for me to share is highlight and copy all songs in playlist and paste into and email. The recipient then copies and pastes back into a new play list. Anyone have a fix?

  17. cjaywolf – You can right click in Mac OS if you hold down the Control key and then click.

  18. I appreciated the explanatory video. Hope there will be more english music in future!

  19. I must be stupid but I wonder how one edits playlists? I happened to have one in specific order and then I sorted it to alphabetical order. If I want to sort it into preferred playing order – and preferable be able to go back to that sort order after having sorted temporarily in alphabetical order – how do I do that?

  20. I’ll bump this: “I want to sort it into preferred playing order”
    I too want to sort my playlist in the order songs were added. How?

  21. how do you get to your playlist? THIS IS RUBBISH!

    All I can see is this imfo page