Spotify music catalogue updated with 2,200 releases

We’ve updated our continuously growing catalogue today with another 2,200 releases, in total over 24,000 tracks were added. Some of this weeks new releases include Kelly Clarkson latest album which we previously had as a premium only release and a new release from indie rock band Handsome Furs. We’ve also added a number of releases from Warp Records such as albums by Battles and Aphex Twin.

For a full listing of todays update please have a look at our Google Doc. As always not all of the release may be available in your region.


  1. I suggest you change…

    “As always not all of the releases may be available in your region.”


    “Until the record labels change their licensing model, not all of the releases may be available in your region.”

    It’s sounds so final and as though this is how it will always be when you say “As always…”. We all want this to change and hopefully it will sometime soon. 🙂

  2. Fint med update. Men jeg venter i spenning på når tidenes beste svenske album, “…och stora havet” skal legges til!

  3. Fick en tår i ögat då Battles – Atlas försvan från spotify-biblioteket för ett par veckor sedan… And now it’s back, woho!

  4. digithed – Please remember that the record companies are not the root of all evil and that in many (most) cases it is instead the artist and management that insist on signing different label deals for different territories.

    The vast majority of record labels would always prefer to have worldwide rights, in order to avoid this and many other issues.

  5. <strong>Ny uppdatering av Spotify! Ytterligare 24000 låtar……</strong>

    Spotify rullar tacksamt på. Man meddelar nu via sin blogg att man har lagt in 2200 nya skivor i sin katalog, vilka utökar antalet låtar med över 24000 stycken. Spotifys databas växer onekligen snabbt nu. Det var inte många dagar sedan jag skrev o…

  6. Great and bravo for the 2,200 new entries, but I’d like to pint out this one thing : a track on a given album was mentioned as unavailable in my country. I just wanted to listen to it : no. Well, I’ll have to download it illegally from somewhere on the Web. This is really a PITA, majots are not only fat, they are stupid, and if they want war, they will lose it. For crying out loud.

  7. I made a playlist with the new releases from Warp Records: spotify:user:sarnesjo:playlist:2Qt86eL7uSQKrFAvKuUBRH

    When you’re done listening, you can put your favorites here: spotify:user:sarnesjo:playlist:4zdcOrB505T5o0JNvAQCh1


  8. @chipper
    I’m not sure about that. I think the labels are more of a problem than the artists and their management regarding licensing. But it would be nice to hear from Andres (if he is allowed to say) on which are the biggest headache for Spotify, the record labels or the artists?

  9. digithed – They are both issues, I don’t really know which one is a bigger headache. Music going yo-yo (in region one day, not there the next) is a label issue from what I know. Both are bad for our users and we’d love to see more global distribution so that we can reach our goal of delivering you all the worlds music to you. Lot’s of work still needs to be done on all sides. 😉

  10. Thanks very much for the Warp Records additions.

    Autechre and Aphex Twin are but two of the very well known and appreciated artists on their label.

    We all wait in tense anticipation for the rest of the catalogue, I’m positive it would serve to increase Spotify’s reputation.

  11. Hooray for the Warp Records additions!!

    One thing, though: the “Reverse The Trend” album appearing on Aphex Twin’s page is not an Aphex Twin record – it seems to be a Christian Rock band who go by the name ‘AFX’ (one of Aphex Twin’s other monikers, hence the confusion, I guess…)

  12. Thanks for the update!
    I’m still missing Cash’s version of Solitary Man though; best rendition of that song imo. 😦

  13. I have a suggestion for Spotify but nowhere on your website is there a contact so I am leaving it here in the hope it would get read… I was wandering if you are planning / (if not) would consider combining the current spotify service which is great and add a feature similar to that of Pandora radio??? I loved Pandora when you could use it in the UK and I use it in the US all the time.

    I don’t like having to think about which song I want to play next depending on my mood and Pandora takes this away. Could you include something like this?


  14. Thanks for the Aphex Twin update! 🙂 Although there are still a few more albums I’d like to see there. 😉

  15. Great to see another update. I have been waiting for a update with some Warp stuff.

    I would like to suggest a label search option. That way it would be easier to get an overview of the available records from each label.

  16. gehyrnix – Spotify doesn’t ban swear words, we simply add the music the labels send us so in some cases we get uncensored versions in other cases they may be censored.

  17. Great news, but since I moved from sweden to Thailand the number of albums available has really decreased alot!

    Any news about extending the license agreements to cover SouthEastAsia?

    Here where copies are easy to buy in big malls is where record companies really should promote Spotify!

    Battles plays here on the 21th!