New Spotify community sites

Each month we’ve seen community services and sites pop up in support of Spotify and we’re really impressed with the work that has gone into them. There are even a few blogs, like The Pansentient League, which review all these new services and collects them in one place.

Some of the more interesting sites that have recently appeared include ShareMyPlaylists, a great new playlist sharing site. Toastify, which in an add-on to give you a pop-up on track changes and allows global hot key use. Lastify, which adds love/ban buttons from (for Mac OS only) to compliment our built-in scrobbling support and Fresh Spotify which alerts users to when we add new music from your favorite artists.

We don’t recommend any one site in particular, we think they’re all great, and we really love to see interesting and creative uses of Spotify. If you’ve got a community site or are working on a new cool use for Spotify let us know and we might feature it in a future blog post.


  1. It would be great, if Firefox 3 would allow opening spotify links. Right now you just get the “invalid option” error.

  2. jkaljundi – Are you referring to the Spotify URIs? If Spotify is set under Application in FF3 it should work without problems and launch Spotify.

  3. Nice article. You should also check out FileRide, a free app for Mac and Windows which automatically pops up a little notification when you copy a Spotify URL or URI for a track, artist, album, or playlist, so you can bookmark and/or share it with others via Twitter or FileRide (free reg. required). It also works with local files (MP3s, photos, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc) as well as YouTube videos and other links.

  4. Spotify Super Search has been completely re-written by the Illuminated Engineer:

    This is a jQuery-based advanced search tool for Spotify that lets you combine multiple searches, select whether to search on artist, album, track, year (with ranges), and select from a list of over 200 genres as used in Spotify.

  5. You might also like Spotilinks :
    – in UK :
    – in France :
    – in other countries : coming soon !

    In this social web application, each member can use his personal board to :
    – receive automatically the recent playlists and albums related to the items he has spoted (categories, moods, artists and members)
    – centralize, sort and launch all the playlists and albums he has published or selected from others
    – browse endlessly to select new albums and playlists… and spot new items which will feed his board with music recommendations

    This is therefore both an “à la carte” recommendation engine and an efficient music management tool.
    Feel free to try it and provide feedback 🙂


  6. If you have Quicksilver, you can have global hotkeys on the mac! Firstly, I believe you need the user interface access and/or the menu interface plugins installed. Then bring up quicksilver, choose Spotify as your application and as the action choose Show Menu Items. This should let you perform any menu items such as pausing. Then make these into triggers.

    Sometimes this works. Sometimes Quicksilver doesn’t bring up the menu. Don’t know why 😦

  7. I got to the part you said with Quisilver, but I can’t create a shortcut (or a trigger) for it. Can you advise me how to add a trigger for it. Thanks

  8. In <a href=”” title=””></a> you can perform searches within spotify, share your playlists and stream music from other users