Spotify catalogue update with over 13,000 releases and a change to biographies

We’ve updated our music catalogue today with an additional 13,000 albums and singles, in total almost 120,000 new tracks have been added to the total catalogue. We also still have our pre-release of Kelly Clarkson’s new album, All I Ever Wanted, for premium users in Sweden if you want to check it out.

For a full listing of today’s additions have a look at our Google Doc. As always, not all of releases are available in each region.

Along with the additions to our music catalogue we also made a change to the biography and album review pages. We’ve added links to these pages so that if you’re reading them and want to go to a song or albums that is mentioned in that page you can click on the name and go directly there.


  1. Great thing with the links in biography!

    Where is Emil Jensen’s (on Adrian Recodings) albums? He said that all of his music should already have been in Spotify some time ago..

  2. sandos: tried to open it in a new window instead of a new tab? that worked for me.

  3. Thanks.

    I already wrote about two new albums on Spotinews, but now I can’t seem to find Belle and Sebastian in the google doc. So I hope everything is okey with that album. More selections available at:

  4. vesapai – Unfortunately I don’t have an update yet, we have contacted the label to find out what happened.

  5. I notice that “A Camp” and their album “Colonia” is in the list, didn’t you already have this as a exclusive back in February?

    Does this mean it was removed and now it’s been put back?

  6. Wasn’t there a new version of the a camp album with an extra track on, I guess in most cases it’s a question of albums being added which are only avaliable for certain countries but were already avalaible to others

  7. Check out Jessica Simpson in the google doc. Not because she is any good, but because there seemingly are more than 140(!) different versions of the single A Public Affair from 2006. Weird!

  8. Come on Andres you have to give some sort of answer to this. 140 versions of exactly the same track needs some explanation!

  9. Question: Why do you release the censored versions of some songs?
    The first one I’ve encounterded this update is Kill Rock ‘n Roll by SOAD.

    “Felt like the biggest – hole.” COME ON!

  10. Yeah, I’m getting really annoyed with all the censored songs. A lot of weird censoring, if you ask me. I mean, the context is pretty important when deciding if you should censor a song. I doubt that Spotify has got anything to do with it, but the record companies should think again and do it the right way.

  11. I am still missing a lot of my favorite music. Probably half of the music in my playlists are marked in red.

    It’s good that i have a few of them in my cd-collection.

  12. When a spelling mistake occur, or when an artist has been mixed-up with another – where do I as a user report this?

    I just found that this release – spotify:album:6ywXkR5CXN0pLCuA4cDV4J – has got the wrong artist name. This is Ólöf Arnalds (and NOT her male cousin Ólafur Arnalds).

    Right should be right! 🙂

  13. I need music of Perfume, Capsule, Cansei de ser Sexy, etc…

    Spotify its cool, but don´t have j-pop and enough electronic music. You have to put more indie/weird music soon ^^

  14. cure33 – Currently there is no system in place to report bad spelling or mistakes. There are quite a few errors throughout the catalogue and we hope to come up with such a system in the future so users can easily flag them.

  15. Hey Andres, do you have any comments on the 140 versions of the same track from Jessica Simpson as mentioned earlier?

  16. digithed – We noticed that ourselves last week and thought it was a bit odd. From what I can tell they’ve released a different version of that single for each country rather than one version with rights for multiple countries. I have no idea why it’s been done that way but obviously we’d prefer one copy available in all regions.

  17. So that makes that particular track from Jessica Simpson impossible to share in a playlist outside of your own country.

    I think Spotify needs to change the playlist funtionality to perform a search if the URI is not found or not accessible, otherwise shared playlists will end up being only usable in your own country.

  18. Andres, Do you know something about spanish label “blanco y negro” In Spain we can’t listen to international hits like infinity 2008 of Guru Josh Project.

  19. When Sony Music first released the Jessica Simpson track “A Public Affair”, it was offered as a ‘personalised song’, meaning that you could choose to buy a version of the track with a specific first name included in the lyrics (ranging from Aaron to that most popular of names, Zena). This most likely accounts for the 140 different versions delivered to Spotify. I doubt Spotify would wish to offer them all…

    Stuart (Sony Music)

  20. Hi could someone fix this “Gyllene Tiders” single “En Sten Vid En Sjö I En Skog” aint the right song. If you start it you will hear “Tuffa Tider”.