1. Comment from a french user : Vive l’équipe de spotify ! Continuez comme ça 😉

  2. I get a “Invalid option: spotify:user:spotify:playlist:2RwgIdy34fUpSXbhUDB4Gy” error when I click the playlist link??

  3. Wonderful! I’m a big fan of ABBA and Spotify made me rediscover their fantastic album “The Visitors”. The song “Should I Laugh or Cry” is a fantastic song. Thank you Benny!

  4. Can’t wait to see a photo of you two posing with Paul and Ringo and declaring that the entire Beatles catalogue now is on Spotify.

  5. Cool to see the handi(npockets)men (pun intended..)..
    You got a nice lil office there, you’re not in need of a cpp developer? haha

  6. But…what was the purpose of his visit? I would have liked to be a fly on the wall there…:)

  7. Nice picture! …It struck me as funny though that all three guys didn’t quite know what to do with their hands, so tucked them neatly into the tight pockets of their jeans! Was this pre-planned, or did it just happen?


  8. Impressive – but you all look like you been workin’ too hard. Take a break 🙂

  9. Benny popped round. How cool is that? Great Benny Playlist. Some of my favourite Abba songs there. Cheers.

  10. i’m told benny andersson has produced a trad album. i’d love to see that on spotify. (not much in the way of trad folk on spotify – too much on independent labels i guess)