Spotify reaches one million users

Late last night we passed a big milestone in our history, at 19.50 GMT we registered our one millionth Spotify user!

Our user growth has been amazing since we launched back in October, in particular the past few weeks have been phenomenal and growth continues to pick up speed. We can only thank our users who have been great at spreading the word for us and we look forward to our next big milestone.


  1. Yea, time for all labels to look over their country restriction policies hopefully…

  2. Congratulations! That is of course happy news! But should we worry for the system’s speed and accessibility when so many new users are added continuously? It must take a lot to keep up the balance between bandwith/servers and amount of users?

  3. cure33 – We’re still controlling our growth in most countries with invites and we have an amazing team keeping a close eye on our servers so there’s not too much reason to worry.

  4. I knew this was coming.
    I even wrote about it at Spotinews one day before it did happen. 😉
    Anyway, congrats Spotify!

  5. Grats! I have one question though, on behalf of friends of mine. Do you have any eta on when you’ll open up in Sweden. I got 2 invites when I registered, but since then I didn’t get any more.

  6. Congrats!
    Hope your making tons of money and that the big labels take heed so you really can get all the music ever made. 🙂

    Congratulations! I’m still spreading the word!

  7. Hi, I started using Spotify in the middle of January, and I love it! It has loads of albums on it, and I can find most of the stuff I’m looking for. I like a lot of spanish music, and have found loads of it on Spotify. I’m not surprised that it’s reached 1 million users.

  8. The word is spreading on Twitter, you numbers are only going to go up and up. Thanks for an amazing service.

  9. That’s greeeeat.

    Now just remove region restrictions for paying customers plz thnx kbai.

  10. I created my account at around that time last night. I’d be very interested to see who the millionth user is. of course, I’m sure you wouldn’t be releasing that kind of information.

    But, if it’s me. LET ME KNOW

  11. Roflmao..

    Anyway, congratulations. I really enjoy your program as a premium-user, so much music and benefits! 🙂


  12. the beatles wrote about “lucy in the sky with diamonds” this is much better, a great big juke box in the sky with music! Good luck with the project, but don’t spoil it with an avalanche of adverts in the future.

  13. Congrats, spotify is truly the best thing on the internet. I’ve lost count of all the new artists that I’ve discovered though you. Keep it up and lets hope for ALL music available!

  14. Brilliant stuff spotify, great to get summit 4 nowt in this day and age especially with this credit crunching recession, when me finances improve i’ll subscribe to the paid version. ( I promise )

  15. Congrats and Keep up your fantastic work! Spotify is one of the best thing that happend on the net

  16. Congratulations. You deserve it. I hope to be back soon to see you report you’ve reached the one billion mark. 😉

  17. @mickymouse: There never is summit 4 nowt. Please. And no one is ever going to queue up to give you a free lunch. Spotify are paying and these are tough times for us all. That’s not why Spotify is so great anyway. BTW: great handle. 😉

  18. To me, Spotify is the best Internet invention since Google. (By the way, I have just paid my 10 € and become the next Spotify proud keeper).

  19. Good for Spotify! I never thought much of it until everyone around me started to get Spotify invites, and I got jealous! Spotify’s great.

  20. Spotify is great super buena honda…all the music from my infancy until grown up. =;)