Spotify catalogue update with more than 3100 releases

Along with our Glasvegas pre-release and the wide release of U2’s latest album we have another update to the music catalogue. Over 3100 new albums and singles were added today and some of the more interesting releases come from Domino Records which delivered a large portion of their catalogue that was still missing. Domino has some great artists signed such as Arctic Monkeys, The Kills and Franz Ferdinand so we’re quite pleased to get these releases.

For a full listing of today’s additions have a look at our Google Doc. As always, not all of releases are available in each region.

Along with these additions we’ve made a change to our catalogue that we wanted to let you know about. In a number of cases we received exact duplicates of albums and singles from the labels which caused some confusion. Today’s update merges all those duplicates so there will only be one copy of each album. However if there are different versions of the same album, for example releases with additional tracks or uncensored lyrics, than we will still list all the versions and you can view them by clicking the drop down icon to the right of the album name.

Spotify Premium, exclusive Glasvegas acoustic session


In recent months, based on the success of their debut album, Glasvegas has been one of the more popular artists on Spotify. Last November they played a sold out show in Stockholm and while here they recorded a special Acoustic session at Obaren with four of their tracks. Starting today Spotify premium users in the UK and Sweden can listen to that session exclusively on Spotify.

The session will be available to Spotify free users next Monday, March 9th and it will remain a permanent exclusive here on Spotify. This is the first time we’ve had a permanent release which is only available on Spotify and we’re really excited to be able to offer this to our users.

Spotify reaches one million users

Late last night we passed a big milestone in our history, at 19.50 GMT we registered our one millionth Spotify user!

Our user growth has been amazing since we launched back in October, in particular the past few weeks have been phenomenal and growth continues to pick up speed. We can only thank our users who have been great at spreading the word for us and we look forward to our next big milestone.