Spotify music catalogue updated with 5,000 releases

We have another update of our music catalogue to let you know about. We’ve added over 5,000 albums and singles to Spotify today which adds up to almost 50,000 new tracks now available. This is part of our ongoing process of getting the latest new releases into Spotify as well as incorporating large portions of the back catalogues from labels which we are still missing.

On top of these new releases we still have the exclusive new U2 album available for listening if you haven’t checked it out yet.

For a full listing of all the new albums added today you can check out this Google Doc. As always, some of the tracks added today may not be available in your region.


  1. I don’t have access to the catalog, this require a username wich I don’t have, but I have a user of this program.

  2. Great update – but what happened to the Epitaph and and Sub Pop catalogues that are (according to people’s previous comments) so eagerly anticipated?

  3. Sorry about the wrong link, it’s been updated now.

    We just announced the deal for Sub Pop’s material a week or so ago, it can take a number of weeks or even months to start getting material from the labels so it will be a little while still.

  4. Yes to X Ray Spex and Violent Femmes but very disappointed that the new prodigy album and the oasis album are restricted to uk users especially when they are on the same label over here as to those uploaded

  5. hurt, not even the red hot chili peepers … but surely will, I trust your word 🙂
    one question: I can not listen to Ultra Nate in spain, can I hear it soon? I am surprised to hear that even free, his best-known hits. Like bob sinclar, which I can not listen tracks. I feel that Spain is the country with fewer tracks available: we do not reach 2.3 million.

    We’ve seen additions Spanish labels that do not appear on the list, for example,ediciones Senator .

    And finally, thank you for such wonderful work, and again give them the idea of being able to deliver the lyrics on Spotify.

  6. Still hoping for Pendulum – Slam to be added! ^^ And thanks for the new releases!

  7. It would be nice to have countrycodes or similiar in the doc so one can know if the song is available in ones own country or not. I always get excited when I read the doc, but almost everytime disapointed when I search in spotify… 😦

  8. Klockrent, ett rent nöje att pröjsa 100 kr i månaden. När kommer ni att ha en fest i Humlegården med den bästa musiken (och den bästa festen?)?

  9. And how many albums were removed? All three Accept albums seems to have disappeared.

  10. Could you please add an autofilter for all spreadsheet colums to let us filter the list by e.g. label or artist?

    And please add a GENRE column, it’s also really vital to filter the list by favorite genres!!!

    Thanks for the great service…

  11. Adding Genre would be messy, most albums/artists have multiple genres attached to their profiles so it wouldn’t work well.

  12. Yeah. It seems 40.000 tracks were removed while you added 50.000 new tracks…

  13. Is it true that many tracks are being removed? I’m in UK and I’ve only noticed a handful in the past few weeks. For example Def Leppard Greatest Hits was added and removed within a few days. Also Irene Cara Flashdance is now all re-recorded versions.

  14. @shadek: Not true. I keep track of tracks added and for me there was 47.000 tracks added and nothing removed.

    @nesw: Some tracks may have been removed by mistake because of restrictions. I think they are investigating this.

  15. Thanks for the update! Missing “The Atomic Fireballs”, but I presume it will be added in the future! ;D

    Thanks again!

  16. Well done, keep up the good work.

    Spotify is becoming a comprehensive service in the UK. I’ve subscribed since October and provided the owners remain open and honest and content continues to be added and maintained, I’ll continue to support the service.

  17. @andres: In the Spotify radio you use genres to identify which track to play in the radio for a specific genre and which not, so i think the tracks main genre must be saved in the Genre-Id3-Tag of every Spotify track; so why not getting the main genre from the tracks metadata instead of the artists metadata?

  18. this sounds great! but when will this thing with region codes end? all my favourite music just seem to disappear before my eyes (even swedish ones!!) no more Cary Brothers, no more The Fray, Kristofer Åström is gone.. just plain sucks 😦

  19. If the music industry wants us to use a licensed service, they’d better get their act together. Each time someone looks for a song and they can’t play it is another nail in the coffin. We don’t care what deals were made 40 years ago slicing up the world into territories. Now is now…and the world is more one place than a couple of dozen. (For a humourous example of what the old process looked like to the artist…I was going to suggest listening the the old Kinks song “Money go Round”….but guess what…^_^). If they can’t do something simple like worldwide rights…we can do something simple…worldwide piracy.

  20. I love Spotify!

    I saw it on BBC News this evening!

    Such a good idea!

    Keep up the good work!

    Lyon JT

  21. Poor Roberta – someone buy her a new ringtone, quick!

    Great UK TV spots: even my Dad has heard of Spotify now 😉

  22. I was happy to see the new Dungen album “4” is now available. However there seems to be some spelling mistakes in some of the file names, at least track 5, 7 and 8. Is there anywhere to report this?

  23. One almbum from Synthetic Symphony (label).. I really hope the rest will follow!

    Auto-Auto’s album Celeste was really sweet too.

  24. What’s the deal with the top 5 tracks in the top list giving “This track is currently not available in United Kingdom”??

  25. Stephen it’s because the versions people were listening to in top tracks are now restricted and spotify haven’t updated top tracks yet, however all those songs are avaliable to us UK spotify users

  26. You’re just saying that to put on a brave face but I know a record label crackdown when I see it! 😉

    Seriously, Spotify should update those tracks, it looks really bad.

  27. It’s the old restricted laws which have been in since the days of vinyl, top tracks dosent bother me anyway, i just search for a non restricted version and add it to my playlists

  28. Just wanted to stop by to thank you (and the record company) for adding discs from the top performing French/Belgian classics/baroque labels Alpha, Fuga Libera and Ricercar! Greatly appreciated! Just hoping to see more of their repertoire on Spotify!

    I love Spotify – but some love for the classics/early music community on Spotify would be nice (a radio button for classical music would be nice or the ability to search for a specific small/independent label -> “label: alpha” would help us find new tracks! =)

    Thanks again!

  29. So… Where is the new U2 album? It was said that it would be available for all users from March 2nd. 🙂

  30. lenaf – The new album should be available to everyone at some point later this afternoon.

  31. i also found that def leppard’s stuff has gone, thats pretty crap considering they are a british band. i wonder what idiot made that decision.