U2’s new album, No Line On The Horizon, available exclusively on Spotify starting Sunday


A few weeks ago we previewed the newest U2 single, Get On Your Boots, on Spotify and now we have something even more exciting.

Starting Sunday night users in the UK and Spain will be able to listen to the new album, No Line On The Horizon, exclusively on Spotify. Then starting Monday Spotify Premium users in Sweden, Finland and Norway will be able to do the same. The album will be released to the general public on March 2nd, so for one week the only place you can listen to it is here on Spotify.

We’ll have more details for you on Sunday evening when the album goes live on Spotify.


  1. And the hits just keep coming… great news, great work. I’m glad to see all the cred you guys get these days, it’s definately deserved. Nevertheless the poor quality of your what’s new/what’s hot section puzzeles me:It’s pretty much static, from time too time I can’t access the artists/tunes you promote, and I don’t believe for a second that Lady Gaga is hot on Spotify no matter how many millions her record company spends on marketing.What’s the story?

  2. Sadly some of us live outside of UK, Spain, Sweden, Finland and even Norway – so we still have to use torrents.

    Oh well.