Spotified CD collection and some other community sites

Quite a few Spotify related sites have appeared since we launched in October, I’ve previously mentioned a number of them which are dedicated to sharing playlists but there are lots of other sites that talk about Spotify or have used Spotify in interesting ways.

This morning a user posted his Spotified CD Collection on the blog which I thought was amazing and really creative. What he’s done is he’s taken a digital picture of his CD shelf and then linked each jewel case to that artist in Spotify. So now he can sit and look at his CD collection online and decide what to listed to but instead of sticking the actual CD into a player you launched the album on Spotify, so cool.

Some other fun sites that have appeared recently include: Spotinews, which highlights new additions to our catalogue, Spotify Search which is an addon for Firefox to lets you find music from any web page in Spotify and a web page that finds new albums recently added to Spotify that match the top 50 artists from your profile.

We love stuff like this so if you’ve done something creative with Spotify please let us know, we’d like to see it and share it with everyone.


  1. Very nice to see it i also have an idea of making something that is with spotify related. But i will need to contact you guy to have permission of it. Oh Well Keep up the good job spotify ! I just love it 🙂

  2. Would be good if someone compiled a list of the UK and US charts weekly with the spotify link.
    Or all the chart music of one week in a playlist

  3. Thanks for mentioning my Spotified CD Collection! If anyone wants a bit more background on it, there’s some detail (including a “how to” guide) on my blog at


  4. All great.

    But, but… What happened to Sparzanza in my playlist?!? Please for the love of all that is unholy tell me Sparzanza will return!

  5. Cool, now you should just release the API so that it’s possible to write an application that make a playlist from a picture automatically! 🙂 (there exist services that can identify the artist and album from it’s cover picture)

  6. Where are the rest of Explosions in the sky’s catalog? The best song of them all is missing, “Your hand in mine”?

    Cannot see that those missing songs are connected to a different label, hence why aren’t they there?

  7. marathonmannen – It’s likely that we just haven’t received the rest of their songs yet from the label, we still have a lot of content to add and are doing so each week.

  8. @davidmesquita – Topsify ( ) has Top Charts, including the UK Top 40. Note however that many tracks may not be available in your region. I’m in the UK and the current playlist has 20 out of 40 playable.

  9. we would be able to do even more creative stuff if you had an API… hint, hint 😉