Spotify Music catalogue updated today with 2000 releases

We still have a lot of content to add to our catalogue so I’m happy to tell you that we have another music update today. Almost 2000 releases were added to Spotify this afternoon, for the full listing have a look at this Google Doc. And as always not all songs may be available in your region.


  1. Now I got my answer about the participation of InsideOut label, with the addition of the brand new live album of my favourite band, Pain Of Salvation. Couldn’t be much happier about Spotify right now.

    Also, a good bunch of Fates Warning, even if the years seem totally random. How about using original release years on discography page instead of reissue/remaster release years, as the original release years seem to be correct on the album page. Or make it configurable.

  2. good grief, I was just checking out your latest catalouge update and you have already added another one, you guys are wonderful<3

  3. Agalloch’s Ashes Against The Grain was added
    Now that really rules! Just need more Agalloch now 😉

  4. Thanks for these frequent updates good to see surfacing by Sarah Mclachlan in this update.

    Just a few requests for future updates.

    Soundtracks of Juno, Yes Man and Twilight, self titled albums by Moldy Peaches and Airborne Toxic Event, Spirit Room by Michelle Branch and A Little More Personal by Lindsay Lohan

  5. Damn. Still no Ayreon, Machinae Supremacy or Masato Honda. But still, can’t complain. Spotify is awesome! Thanks!

  6. @andershagstrom: You sure have guts to use all the Spotify design on your site…

    Otherwise it’s nice with another Spotifyblog in the hood. I’m sure there will be more coming, but always remember Spotinews was first. 🙂

  7. Finally The Dance by Fleetwood Mac is up. But I still miss a lot of their more modern stuff.

  8. Anyone else tried something like this?

    This is my “Spotified CD collection” – I took photos of all my CDs then created imagemaps using Spotify URIs. I can now ‘virtually’ browse my physical CDs, then click a CD to start listening to it in Spotify.

    p.s. this is perhaps the geekiest thing I’ve ever done.

    p.p.s. but I love Spotify so that’s OK 😉

  9. OnT:
    *Sounds good fellas! The more you release, the more interesting!

    *How ’bout letting your users adding their own tracks into Spotify? Not to share but just to let us get away with using two seperate music players.

    *Just wished you had some “ToDo-list” so one could have a look at what you’re doing to our beloved software.
    Piz out.

  10. it seems like Robyn´s label is not on Spotify in Sweden yet. I have heard that they are trying to fix this. How is that going?

    Spotify is a much better place with Robyn´s latest album

  11. With all these added tracks, We need an advanced search options or something like Genius Playlists ?

  12. Hi, I don’t know where to say this, but in The Clash, there are two (quite opposite) bands.. Clash and The Clash… Is there a place where you can report this things?

  13. thx a lot for Amon Amarth, Enslaved and all rls from Metal Blade records! Also thx for all the work you put in and your great service! keep up the great work 🙂

  14. Hey guys, thanks for the great Spotify! I absolutely love it!

    There is one album missing and that is “Ismo Alanko Teholla”‘s album “Blanco Spirituals”. It would be great to have it, but otherwise I am more than satisfied with the Spotify!! 😀