Spotify music catalogue updated with 15,000 releases

Last night we updated our music catalogue with close to 15,000 albums and singles which adds more than 160,000 tracks to the catalogue. Some of the additions are brand new, like M. Ward’s latest release which came out yesterday, others are part of the back catalogue, which we’re adding to all the time. We still have a lot of music to add to our growing catalogue so keep an eye on the blog for the all latest releases.

To see the full listing of everything added have a look at this Google Doc. As always some of the releases may not be available in your country.


  1. More Bjork, Black Dice, Frightened Rabbit, Rocket from the Crypt, Spiritualized and Twilight Singers and lots of old blues and jazz. Thank you. Thousands of records I haven’t even come close to hearing of again but that only makes me realise how much stuff there is out there to discover.
    I see a Panda Bear single is back in. Even though I own the record I’m curious to see if this means the album will return.

  2. I must say: Spotify delivers the goods and fulfils its promises.
    Who else does in the music business?
    2 thumbs up. Keep up the great work.

  3. Many thanks for this monster update!

    And as usual you can find selections from the update presented at the Spotinews blog. It’s always easier to find what’s new when you see it as something visual.

  4. Keep up the adding…With these added albums can you add Genius Playlists feature or something like it.
    So that we can discover new artist?

  5. Particularly pleased to see:

    Assemblage 23, Bjork, Billy MacKenzie, In Strict Confidence, John Foxx, Leæther Strip, Miss Kittin, Momus, Alan Parsons Project, Future Sound of London, The Shamen


    ( @afront )

  6. If I just get one or two album wants every update i’m happy and in this one I got Debut by Bjork and Flood by They Might Be Giants, very happy with those

  7. David Rovics is back 🙂 and lots of other good stuff!

    Now I’ just hoping for metal in the next update. Waiting for some Century Media stuff.

  8. Such a shame that crap like Spotify has giant updates and great has almost none.

  9. i find this site much better than keep up the good work ,i,ve just made a playlist from Q magazine and found about 85% of the tracks and some tracks have not been released yet and thats more than i can get on napster and i pay for that, really pleased

  10. Any new content added is good news!

    But we really need more METAL, lots of Metal. They tried to kill the Metal, but failed! 😉

    Is there anyway to butter up Metallica and AC/DC btw, my playlist needs them bad…

  11. Very very impressive. This is the reason why Spotify is one of the greatest music services available. It easy and fast to use, the community is great and the company itself does what it promises.

  12. take a look att ( they give out free spotify acc.
    i think its stupid that they do that if you dont want spotfiy to disaper

  13. Why is that stupid ? Isn’t that the entire purpose of having the invite system ?

    As for me I’m paying the 99kr a month, but if people feel like going for the free stuff that’s up to them. I mean Spotify already removed the invite system in the UK so anyone can sign up for a free account, and that will probably be the case for the rest of us soon.

    On topic:
    Great update, always glad to see these huge addings to the already good catalog.

  14. Updates = good!

    I have a suggestion: could you add a “Year” field in the new adds document? This way we could see what recent releases have been added. Thanks!

  15. What’s up with having Svenska Akademien on Spotify but not in Sweden?
    I don’t think there is a very big market for them outside Sweden, as they only sing in Swedish..

  16. What happened to A23??? All of a sudden all of the latest stuff disappeared? I’m getting a bit tired of this.

  17. wtf mi spotify stop work plllzzz can sombodu help what dose this mean? Your current location is different from that you set in your profile, if you’ve moved please update your profile. You can travel for 14 days or upgrade to premium for unlimited travel. If you need more help, see our help pages