Spotify Premium, The Script concert tickets


We have one pair of tickets to the The Script’s concert in Stockholm next Monday, February 16th. The Script are playing a show at Nalen and the tickets are all sold out and impossible to come by. One lucky Spotify Premium user can win the tickets, leave a comment here on the blog if you are interested in winning.


  1. That would be too obvious. Number two should win. Hey, I’ll even throw in a motivation as well: it was long time since I was on a concert.

  2. Spotify is a brilliant service. I currently use last FM a lot as inspiration for new music which i then seek out and download so that I can stream through my SONOS system. Now if Spotify could link to SONOS (last FM have done recently, Napster and Rhapsody does) then that would be a killer ap!

  3. I do not want to win since I can’t get to Stockholm on Monday. Just wanted to say that this was a fun premium goodie.

    Have no problem paying for this service when it’s sooo good (oki.. the radio needs some more tuneing, but it got potential).

    Give us a few more days to arrange travelplans next time.

    Good luck!

  4. I saw The Script on the Nobel Peace Price concert on TV and decided that they would be a great experience to see them live!!! When I checked the tickets in Stockholm they were unfortunately sold out :((( So I really want to win these tickets now, it’s my last hope!!

  5. Im getting 18 years old the 16th of February so I would be so greatful to get the tickets!

  6. Hi. Why i want to go to the concert?
    I got subscribed to Spotify, heard the ad about The Script. Searched for their songs. Now am listening to their whole album and sending to friends. In 2 days i liked the group so much that right now each morning am listening to them. But the tickets to Stockholm’s concert were sold out a 1-2 weeks before the concert so i could not find a way of getting them :(. This has been the first case i liked a group in 1-2 days and such a pity that they are performing here and i don’t know how to get “over the fence”.

    Yet still i will support Spotify because without it i would not have that possibility. Now half of my contact list listens to the group’s songs…this is my contribution into their success.
    Even if the tickets go to someone else, i would like to see the future that is Spotify.

  7. Oh! THIS IS WHY I LOVE SPOTIFY. So much more then just music!
    A friend from the UK is visiting Stockholm over the week and we’re both huge fans of The Script, unfortunately the tickets got sold out!! It would be absolutely amazing if we got hold of these tickets!!
    peace&love from Sanna

  8. I sure need this! Give me The Script!!

    Jag behΓΆver det hΓ€r! Ge mig The Script!!

  9. I`m al dizy in my head. and musik is all I can here. This would be away to feel some happines in all the sickness!!

    I would be really happy to get them!

  10. Thanks everyone for submitting your names! We’ve picked a winner and he attended the concert last night. πŸ™‚