Spotify Premium, Morrissey’s Years of Refusal now available for pre-listen


Morrissey has had an illustrious career; both his work with The Smiths and his solo albums are critically acclaimed and his newest single, I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris, is available on Spotify for everyone to listen too. On February 16th his latest album, Years of Refusal, is set to be released but starting today Spotify Premium users in Sweden can listen to it as a special pre-release.

Along with the album we have a great Morrissey playlist that you can check out, the list was put together by Weepeing Williows frontman Magnus Carlson who is a huge Morrissey fan.

So don’t be Disappointed and miss this opportunity, sign up for Spotify Premium today and get to be one of the first to hear the new Morrissey album.


  1. I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris for everyone to listen to? Says the album is not available in Finland.

  2. “I’m Throwing My Arms…” is as great song, even if not on my Morrissey top-ten list. Thanks!

  3. Excellent compilation by Magnus C, thank you even more. Only song I really miss here (from non-The Smiths songs) is The First of the Gang…

  4. Not “for everyone to listen to”, at least not if you live in Norway. You people at Spotify got to be careful with words these days 😉 Isn’t it strange that it’s available in Sweden, but not in Norway and Finland?

  5. You’re right, I apologize for not being more clear in my post. The regional restrictions are even difficult for me to get straight all the time.

  6. This album is currently not available in United Kingdom.

    Just like all the old Smiths albums that were there before the great Spotify cull 😦

  7. I found that the single “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” *is* actually available in the UK, but not via the link in the blog post. If you search you can find one that works:

  8. This is just another example of how the regional restrictions imposed by the record labels have really screwed up the social networking features of Spotify. Sharing playlists between countries is no longer viable as you, I or even Spotify themselves cannot guarantee that any tracks in a playlist will play in another country.
    If I was one of the developers of the Spotify system I would be feeling pretty pissed off at the record labels right now for screwing up all their hard work.