Spotify to add content from Alternative Distribution Alliance

We have some more labels news to update everyone on today, we’ve come to an agreement with Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA), one of the leading indie labels in the U.S. to distribute their music on Spotify. We already have a deal for their European catalogue but now we’re excited to be getting their American catalogue as well.

ADA covers labels such as Sub Pop and New line and has artists such as Aimee Mann and Bad Religion signed. We hope to start getting the content in the near future and adding it to our catalogue.


  1. Wow according to wikipedia there are a lot of labels owned by ada, including rhino records etc and many labels I was curious about, also explains why there isn’t stuff like the juno soundtrack or bands like Pavement avaliable.

    so my question is will any of it be restricted atall?

  2. yeah finally we get all the epitaph artists like bad religion, nofx millencolin!!

  3. Do all the American rough trade artists fall under this deal, I noticed some of them were already on spotify strokes, adam green etc but others like moldy peaches aren’t

  4. ah, the shins.. band of horses.. beautiful. wonderful. thank you. please hurry.

  5. girl_from_oz – We already ADA’s European catalogue which is why some artists already appear. The American catalogue should fill the holes that we’re currently missing.

  6. Does the European catalogue just mean the European artists though cause there are some American artists like Adam Green already on here, I really hope this deal means I get the Juno soundtrack which is Rhino.

    Andres maybe you could compile a list of the labels that we’d expect to be getting stuff from like you did with Merlin, would be appreciated

  7. Hy! I have an answer.
    The restricion area, present on the free versión of spotify, is also present in the premium version?

  8. All in all, all I can say is that Spotify is the very best music service ever made. Thank you so much! 🙂

  9. Very pleased with this news. The list of artists on the Wiki page promises great things from this announcement.

  10. girl_from_oz – The labels covered by this are:

    Bieler Bros, Blind Man Sound, Breakbeat Science, The Control Group, Courgette, Dangerbird, Emergency Umbrella, Iconic, Intelligent Noise, Larkio, Minty Fresh, Nervous, New Line, Polyvinyl, Punahele, Rebel roup, Rock Ridge, Secretly Canadian, Select, Rockboy, Slugfest, Sub Pop, Superego, Team Love, TML, Upstream, Vice, Cartoon Network/Williams St

  11. My favorite band Bad Religion on spotify! YAY! Like many others, I would also appreciate more info on what’s available and what’s being made available. I’m sure you have your reasons not to have just a plain alphabetical listing of artists in spotify itself..

  12. Great! Labels like Merge, Secretly Canadian, Sub Pop and Thrill Jockey is really what I’ve been missing on Spotify.

  13. Updates like this along with cross-platform mobile spotify clients (iphone/WinMo/Series 60) will make mp3 players and torrent sites close to obsolete, i.e. seriously changing the current dominant digital music landscape. Impressive to say the least, hopefully your business model won’t collide with itunes as you increase in size and user base – I wouldn’t be surprised if the Apple crew would threaten to kick out labels that choose to play with spotify.

    Keep up the good work!

  14. Do you have any contact with the record companys “Adrian, Bad Taste”. I really miss David & the Citizens!

  15. ❤ Spotify – can I suggest a “tag as wrong” button to alert you to miscategorised music? We can help! The few misclassifications make this wonderful service look poor when you first start (until you realise how great it is 🙂 ). Just an idea!

  16. tomb:
    David & the Citizens has some content available on Spotify, sadly not in Sweden tho. :/

    (spotify:album:4DyMS8LmqvLkJLI0gqlMpS for example)

  17. Yeah. They were in befor the changes and now I notice they are gone from my playlists. Kinda strange becaus they are from sweden..

  18. sweeeeet! minty fresh, matador, polyvinyl, secretly canadien, touch & go and subpop send spotify your productions right away!!

  19. Does anyone know if they are gonna get any drum and bass labels like hospital records on Spotify?

  20. I don’t understand. I live in Norway and i waited for sub pop and secretly canadian, but where are sebadoh, the walkabouts, jason molina and others?

  21. If they’re on labels they should appear on spotify when they started getting those label’s music

  22. I agree with tomb, give me back David & the Citizens (for Sweden).

    Anyhow, great catch with ADA, I hope the music start to turn up on Spotify soon!