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A lot of people have asked for specifics as to which smaller labels we have signed so I thought I’d take a few minutes and publish the list of labels that we have an agreement with under our deal with Merlin. Merlin is an aggregator of independent music that includes thousand of smaller labels from around the world.

This list is pretty long but if there’s a specific band or label you’re looking for you can see if Merlin covers them.

We haven’t received all the material from all the labels so it’s very possible that they’re listed here but not yet available, we hope to get more of the content in the coming days and weeks and will update as it arrives.


  1. Not very many bands in that list that I have heard about, but it’s still great! Please keep going like this. I will consider re-joining premium when releases from Distortion Records (, Agipunk, Ägg ( and Birdnest are back up. My punk playlists are currently 90% red 😦

    Also, I wonder how you do with bands like Krigshot that AFAIK release their own albums without any labels at all. Their “Örebro-mangel” album used to be up but is now red…

  2. Yay Burning Heart ! Emailed them a few days ago asking about Spotify, but now I see that at least I can expect their music in the soon future.

  3. I hope that the independent labels will speed up delivering their content to Spotify. It´s a clever move for their music to get heard, shared, talked about and used.

    markets are conversations ->

  4. Perhaps not relevant to this article, but since you are most likely to read the last comments here goes:
    You guys rock. Seriously. This is like Skype, FB or email – a product that changes my everyday life for the better. I’m to lazy to go out and buy CDs without getting to hear them first. I’m not hugely happy about downloading (questionable quality, illegal, takes to much harddrive space, takes time). But I love music, and I love finding new music, and so now I love you. I’m a walking Spotify billboard (which by the way is giving me, a non-nerd, cred for being an early adapter). The idea may not be new, just like Skype wasn’t, but you are doing things right and they work. If you need hires to conquer the US market, let me know, I will gladly help. Keep up the good work! Erica, Stockholm

  5. Epitaph ❤ we are praying for some Bad Reliogon, Escape the Fate and New Found Glory ny cd 🙂

  6. I only had a quick look but two labels I noticed stand out for me One Little Indian who own the rights in the uk to all of Bjork’s records as well as Alabama 3, Sneaker Pimps and The Shamen and also Big Brother which is Oasis’s label

  7. I’d love to see music from the following European labels:

    * Clone
    * Environ
    * Eskimo
    * Tirk
    * Twisted Music

    I’m particularly pleased to see you already have DC Recordings, Lo Recordings, and Mute. Surprised though to see that Swedish progressive trance and psytrance is not represented in Spotify yet.

    Keep up the excellent work guys!

  8. huh – what the hell is “psytrance”, afront? did I miss a trend? seriously…

  9. Psytrance is short for “psychedelic trance” mellowyellow. See:

    I was thinking of Swedish electronic artists such as:

    Ticon, Tegma, Atmos, Son Kite, Vibrasphere (my personal favorite), Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms, etc.

  10. Yes, Alfa Matrix! Have been missing lots of their releases, hope to see it available soon.

  11. I agree with afront, would love to see Ticon, Tegma, Atmos, Son Kite, Vibrasphere (my personal favorite aswell), Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms, and more.

  12. Warp Records is on the list, that’s excellent news! Maybe Boards of Canada will now re-appear?

  13. Nice to see Warp and Ninja Tune there, but Boards of Canada are still needed. I’d also suggest getting Anticon, Benbecula and Black Sun Empire Recordings on that list.