Exclusive A Camp track and over 6000 new releases

Earlier this month A Camp released their newest album, Colonia, here in Sweden. Starting today, Spotify premium users in Sweden can listen to a bonus track from the album, Us And Them, which is not available anywhere else. This track is available exclusively for the next four weeks, after that it will be available to all Spotify users.

Along with the exclusive track we also made a general update to our catalogue and added over 6000 new releases today, to see a list of the new additions you can view this Google Doc. And as always some of the tracks listed my not be available in all regions.


  1. Once again, really sweet. Thanks for keeping us updated even though the googledoc may not be the ultimate way to go. Works fine for now anyway.

  2. Very impressive, a little request I have, some of the Tom Waits albums were restricted to us Uk users so I was wondering if you have them avaliable to you maybe you could add all the mercury Wait’s albums boths Raindogs and Frank’s Wild Years are under Mercury in the UK

  3. In the new releases list that you have published using Google Docs, there are several instances where the same artist/album is listed multiple times with the only differenc being the Spotify URI (for example Natalie Imbruglia/White Lilies Island is shown four times), does this mean there is one row for each region?
    If not, why would you import four versions of the same album?

  4. Off topic: Yesterday 25% of music was removed and today another 25% of my music was removed. What’s up with “there are no plans to remove any more music”? The past 2 days i went from exalted to disapointed….

  5. flugs:

    the same happened to me, half of all the songs in my playlists are gone. Several albums of some artists are gone, leaving just a handfull of songs left. Why remove the latest album of Mucc for instance?

  6. Another question some albums in the update are coming up as restricted like the grey’s antamony 2 soundtrack but they are the same label here in the uk as they are on the one added today

  7. I saw so many album wants in that update and virtually all of them were restricted, it’s just so frustrating and I don’t why the labels they’re on in the uk don’t upload them, would be cool if something could be done about it

  8. We really need the genre in these update lists, could you add it all the past and future lists, please….

  9. akrde – I’m not sure Genre would work well in the lists because each artists usually has multiple genres associated with them. We’re still looking for better ways to publish this, one of them would be genre based feeds.

  10. Thank you again to the team for putting new songs to spotify. But in Spain there are very few songs, just to reach 2 million when in some countries exceeded 2.3 million. Will solve this or will so long?

  11. Would it be possible to include availability in the release list?

    Just to avoid the disappointment when you find something you like only to discover that it’s not available in your country.

  12. Are all this new releases limited for users in Norway? After the last updates i’ve done a search for year:0000-9999, and the search has returned the exact same number of tracks before and after update…

  13. @spen: Are you sure about that? Have you tried some links? Like the Lily Allen one…

  14. i’ve tried the lily allen link, and that works… Still returns 2028732 files, will save this number in my short time memory and check again after next update πŸ™‚

  15. @vilhelmk your Last.fm + Spotify + Find new albums service is brilliant, thanks!


  16. These release lists are great but can’t you please include availability?
    It’s a waste of time going through the lists just to discover that the records you want are not available in your country.
    It sure would save us some negative vibes, better to get bad news right away πŸ™‚

  17. andres – Why don’t you just add a “date added” field for the tracks in Spotify? Then we could search for tracks newly added by ourself and we could combine the search with the “genre:”-tag! And you don’t have to create Google docs anymore…

  18. akrde – We’ve discussed this exact idea, it would take some time to implement as it involved adding a tag to all music which is already in Spotify. I’ll be sure to update everyone once we have a better way to display this, it’s only been a week and half since we started this. πŸ™‚

  19. @akrde: It would still be a hassle to have a 6000 lines long list inside Spotify. I don’t think that would make it any easier. Even with a search within genre there could be a lot of material to wade through.

    Still if it is made in some “invisible” manner it could work anyway. But I feel there are other stuff that should have a higher priority at the moment for the Spotify team.

  20. I think that it is things like this that make me not use Spotify as much as i could. I really hate when you make a difference between premium accounts and advertised accounts. Advertised accounts are already paid for through the advertising. This is really lame!

    I donΒ΄t even start again with the geographic limitations…

    And, you guys in A Camp… I have already downloded it from PB. *doh*