Spotify Premium, Light up your weekend


This weekend premium users in Sweden can pre-listen to Hide The Knives debut album, Savior for Sale. The Gothenburg based band’s first album comes out on February 11th but Spotify users can listen to it first, click the Holy Banner to check it out.

We also have a small number of new releases today, you can view the list of what was added with this Google Document. As always some of the tracks may not be available in your country.


  1. Even tho these sort of “premium only” promotions get noticed here i will never ever pay for premium unless Spotify gets a license to get back all these missing songs.

    Sorry to say, over 50% of my music that i listen on got ripped away today. Hardly think these promotions things will have any affect unless you get your music back together, might be the down-stream of Spotify if this continues (so i’ve heard from people)

  2. Excellent stuff in the new additions, especially from ECM. Much appreciated!

  3. EMI UK Lily Allen It’s Not Me, It’s You album 12 spotify:album:2OH9eK5zMwJlWOHWSSPjbL

    EMI UK Lily Allen It’s Not Me, It’s You album 12 spotify:album:2OUL7ZpAvUaWyylZ1lXpe0

    EMI UK Lily Allen It’s Not Me, It’s You album 12 spotify:album:3hVR63Y2ElBoxmzThy80nG

    can’t seem to play any of these 😦

  4. Thanks to make a list with a new release , Hope you’ll have a great catalogue for everyone soon.

  5. Nicolasso: That’s probably because the album release date isn’t until Monday 9th Feb.
    I am guessing that this list is over tracks ingested into the Spotify database, and that they will go live in the player upon release date.

  6. I lsot a shitload of tracks in spotify…

    If they dont come back i wont be a premium member either..

    Think its shitty that the are gone.. had made a pretty neat playlist..