Volume normalization now optional in Spotify

We’ve added a new feature to Spotify today that many users have been asking for: the ability to turn off volume normalization. Volume normalization is used to try to keep a consistent volume between tracks but some users don’t like this. This new feature will allow you to choose whether you want music to be normalized or not, so feel free to test out both options and see which one you like the best. We’ve also increased the volume of music in Spotify by 3–6 dB when normalization is enabled to compensate a little more for the changes it makes to the volume.

To enable and disable volume normalization go to the preferences menu and uncheck or check the box and then press the Apply button.


Update on the changes to our music catalogue

Today we completed all the changes to our music catalogue that we announced last week.

We’ve attempted to replace the affected tracks in your playlists with versions of the same song that you can play, if no replacements could be found we have hidden the tracks from the playlist. If you’d like to view which tracks are unplayable in your playlists you can do so by going to the preferences menu and un-checking “Hide Unplayable tracks” and then press the Apply button.


We’d also like to thank all of the users who have shown us support in the past week and we will double our efforts to try and win back any users who were understandably disappointed by these changes.