Spotify Premium, Franz Ferdinand concert ticket contest


This week Franz Ferdinand released their new album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, and it is now available for listening on Spotify.

Along with the release we have two great prizes to hand out to Spotify Premium members in Sweden. We’ll be giving out 2 sets of concert tickets to the Franz Ferdinand concert in Stockholm on March 21st at Cirkus.

If you’d like one of the prizes you’re going to have to do a little something for it. We’re looking for the two diehard Franz Ferdinand fans to give these tickets to and what we’d like to hear is your favorite Franz Ferdinand memory or moment. Did you meet the band or see them in concert, has a song of theirs somehow played a role in your life? If you have a special memory of Franz let us know, the most interesting and creative answers will win the tickets so post a YouTube clip, record a song or write a little poem and we’ll pick the winners.

The best entry will get three tickets to the concert, the second best entry will get two tickets and all the tickets come with an exclusive Franz Ferdinand box set that includes the latest CD along with a few other small goodies. Post your entries or links to them here on the blog and we’ll pick the winners in two weeks on the 13th of February.


  1. This is all very nice, but while you’re picking up the tickets could you ask the members of Franz Ferdinand and their management why it’s not possible on Spotify to find or play any of their music (apart from their latest album) in Sweden?

  2. @digithed: Because they are signed to a label (Domino) that thus far haven’t had an agreement with Spotify. Hopefully this has changed now.

  3. Great work!
    I really like FranzF.

    As a suggestion for future software development, I’d propose adding the option to access song’s lyrics, which will make the experience more plentiful.

  4. digithed – We should have more albums from Franz’ label in the very near future.

  5. Franz are like my favourite band..Their gig at the Barrowlands Ballroom in 2005 in Glasgow was yaldi great….and I think I should win tickets because I think the restraining order put against me has expired and I’m now allowed within 3miles of them. (JOKE!!)

  6. I wrote a little poem to show you my love for Franz, but when I was going to post it I realized that this was only for premium members (haha! Yes, I know that everyone else learned how to read in 1st class, but that was obviously something I forgot). Buuuuut… I don’t want these last minutes in my life to be a total waste of time, SO! I think we should
    1. let poor, unemployed but oh-so-goodlooking people like me participate in this competition anyway. Well, that won’t happen, which leads us to….
    … suggestion number 2! Pretend that I’m a premium member and let me participate anyway! If you can keep a secret, I can too!

  7. The song outsiders is the story of my life. I occured to me when i saw the band play it at anexet i Stockholm 2005. I felt old but relieved that others had the sam feeling!

  8. The last time I had the chance to see Franz Ferdinand I missed them because I spent all my money on christmas presents so I didnt have anytrhing left for ticets. I hope I get to see them this time!

  9. Still no Franz Ferdinand albums listed in Sweden except for the latest album.

  10. Totally unrelated, but since I clicked on the banner in the context of what I am gonna say, here it goes:

    Since when is ambient and psycodellic music Funk music? And since when is Dance music Techno? I get *a lot* of crap using the Radio in Spotify because I choose House, Techno and Funk, and I get a lot of stuff that is neither. House is the only genre that seems to get it kind of right, although I also get chillout and ambient when what I have selected is HOUSE….

  11. In a time of all too poor british pop soundscapes they brought a revolutionary ear experience in to my world. I just LOVE their happy melancholic sound!!! It just got to be a little bit Swedish 😉

  12. When me and my friend were going to see them but there where no tickets left so we stood outside and danced….

  13. My best memory is when I was out too late to get tickets to see their show at Apollo in Barcelona but I still went to the club after the concert. While dancing someone made a point that there were some really off boys in front of the stage with leatherjackets. Who wears leatherjackets to a danceclub? Franz Ferdinand, of course.

  14. There’s two kinds of people in the world. Those who love Franz Ferdinand and those who doesn’t. Me and my sister belongs to the first kind. I was in Stockholm and my sister were three hours away. We both listened to the radio. I was kind of bored but then I heard fantastic song streaming out of the speakers. I called my sister to tell her about it but I couldent reach her because she was dialing me at the same time. Later on I found out that she was calling me for the same reason, “Take me out” is and will forever and two days more be the best song! I always thing about her when i hear that song.

    do you want to? yes, take me out!

  15. At a festival in arvika 2006 here in Sweden, Franz Ferdinand was the band I had been looking forward the most to see. When they started playing there was this guy who stood behind me holding his hands around me, keeping me from falling down and keeping everyone else around me from falling on me or pushing me. It was no doubt that I was standing on the best spot in the whole crowd. In one song the band stopped playing and they looked out in the crowd. Then I started clapping my hands (alone!) to the beat (I knew the drums always started giving the beat on the record). I had listened to all of their songs so many times, and I knew every syllable in every lyric by heart. When I clapped my hands, Alex looked at me, smiling. Then he started clapping his hands in the air, making the whole audience do the same! Then they started playing their instruments again and finished the song… That moment was my best moment “with” Franz Ferdinand!