Daniel Lindström’s D-Day, now on Spotify

Daniel Lindström’s latest release, D-Day, is now available for pre-listening on Spotify. Daniel was the Swedish Idol winner in 2004 and his debut single, Coming True, went double platinum. The album is being released later this month but Spotify users in Sweden can check it out now!


  1. nice. but i really wanna hear some of the swedish gangsterrap crew “Kartellen” cant u spotifyers fix some of their songs?

  2. All fun and games but where the *bleeep* did Tool go? If Tool had to go for mr Lindström and his D-Day then please take Tool back 😉

  3. I fully agree with nadamotion.
    Up until yesterday, at least Opiate was still on there after everything else was removed.
    Sony BMG have lots of bands in Spotify, and APC are still in Spotify, so it’s not Maynard saying no.
    Where’s the problem?

    Tool needs to be brought back to Spotify.

  4. I have a question: What’s your politic about the albums/groups uploading? I wanna know if you will update more Videogame Music, or, as the other people said, groups like Tool, which have a description but no tracks. In short, I wanna know when your database will be update 🙂

  5. Agreed with the former speakers…tried to load up my Tool playlist today, only to realize the songs were all gone. What a shame.

    On another note, wouldn’t it be nice with a new, shiny forum to discuss these sort of things, suggest artists/songs to be included and stuff like that, rather than writing these requests in blog posts such as these?

  6. We’re still in the process of updating our Beta catalogue which means that some artists may disappear. If they are signed to a major label that we have a deal with there’s an excellent chance that they will be replaced in the near future.

    petstran – We have a forum here where you can discuss things:

  7. Just wanting to get this clarified: what do you mean with ‘replaced’? Replaced as in Artist x replaces Artist y? Or as in Artist x re-appears?

    My reason is this: I’m considering paying for Spotify but if music can be removed at random without any notice or just whenever..? I wanna know what I’m paying for, you know? When you go out of beta, this will not happen again? Whats the plan folks?

  8. Alla mina favvoartister är borta ur ert system nu; Shpongle, Rhapsody, Emmon, Wumpscut, Ayreon, Astral Projection, Detektivbyrån, Falconer. Är detta ett jävla skämt eller? Jag trodde Spotify skulle vara ett skönt sätt att SLIPPA RIX FMs skitmusik. Bah, det blir inga fler månader via spotify ivf. Tillbaks till Pirate Bay.

  9. Hej, Spotify-teamet!

    Ni får nog ta och uppdatera erat system innan folk kommer och utnyttjar alla exploits som finns så säga i backend systemet som ni använder. Finns några års uppdaterad version så säga än 2.0.xxxx, plus ni kör på en tidig SVN version dessutom som var i alpha stadiet :/. Annars finns alternativet Habari om ni nu tänker på säkerhet/prestanda och skall uppdatera, mycket robust system.

    Dom flesta pionjärerna inom blogging som utvecklat eller rättare sagt utvecklade det system ni använder nu gick till Habari, och som har gjort vad blogging kom att vara idag, o skapade formen runt det utvecklar Habari. Så kan starkt rekommendera det eller absolut något att hålla ögonen på om ni skall göra en update > http://www.habariproject.org.

    Tack! för en underbar Svensk produkt!