U2’s new single, Get On Your Boots, now streaming on Spotify!

We’re really excited to let you know that the new U2 single, Get On Your Boots, is now available for listening on Spotify. The track was premiered on the radio yesterday and will be released as a digital download on February 15th with physical disks to follow on February 16th, but Spotify users can listen to it now, no restrictions. And, if you’re not a Spotify user there is no better time than now to find an invite and sign up.

We’re huge fans of U2 here at Spotify so we’re excited to listen to the new song. I’ve also put together a playlist of some of the best U2 tracks of all time that you could check out. The new U2 album, No Line On The Horizon, will be released on March 2nd.


  1. some song of my play list appear like dissapear in the red.
    Spotify erase the song for an important reason????

  2. but dont say the creator of this program that they have the license of all the song that they offer

    sorry for my english i’m spanish

  3. Yeah, they’ve made so many great songs… I would add “I Still Haven’t Found…” and a couple of others to your list. The new track is really nice, but cannot compete with their classics IMHO 😉

  4. @ penando: If a song disappears or changes: it´s always the will of the rights owner or the label thats speaks for the owner of the right. It´s not about the service that makes you access the song. -… It´s life. Said but true,

  5. no way, the new one is too different, often in a good way but in this case…. it’s just not u2 for me…

  6. damn, Pity Vertigo isn`t availble in UK. Love that track. Not too sure about the new one.