Bredbandsbolaget has Spotify invites

We get a lots of email and feedback from people looking to get an invite to join Spotify and we are sending out more and more every day so patience will pay off. But if you’re in Sweden and really want to join Spotify one quick option would be to go with our partner Bredbandsbolaget. Existing Bredbandsbolaget clients can sign up right away and get their service free until April 9th, if at any time you no longer want the Bredbandsbolaget service you can cancel at any point.

If you’re not a Bredbandsbolaget client but have a friend or family member who is, there’s a good chance they’ve recently been given invites for our free service that they can share, so don’t be shy and ask around.


  1. The way BBB are marketing it is rather deceptive IMO.
    They make it sound as if what you’re getting is Spotify Premium (try the service for free until easter, after which it is 99 SEK/month), when it actually is Spotify free, and starting easter, you upgrade to Premium.

    Spotify Free is still nice though, so it definitely is an option for getting in — just don’t expect Premium for free 😉

  2. I heard a rumour that the free version will disappear altogether from april 9th. Not only for us who got it from BBB. So there will be two options, pay or use another service.

    Does someone know more about this? It would be nice to have it either confirmed or denied, but hopefully denied.

  3. juuiice – The free version is not going anywhere, there is no truth to that rumor.

    As for the BBB version, there version is slightly different in that after April 9th you have to pay for it but if you don’t want you to you can contact them and cancel and then you will be left with the regular Spotify free version

  4. Ha, it´s a joke. I tried several times, called them up. No one helped me properly from Bredbandsbolaget

  5. I have spotify free now, but I’d like to switch to BBBs version. Will this be possible without changing my username and account settings?

  6. Why change to the BBB version? Isn’t it the same but with the deadline date of april the 9th? Ok. they say U don’t have to go premium for 99 kr a month after that date which is fine but U can upgrade from your free account at any given time.

  7. BBB is not really spotify free, since they have much more albums and songs than the free version. You do get irritating BBB-jingles and advertising spots along with that, though.

  8. I don’t know where else to go with this question. I’ve been looking for some good info about invites all over this stupid page, but haven’t found anything.
    I’m a member of spotify free, and how long do I have to wait before I can give away invites? I’ve been having spotify since 3 months now. I know people who got som invites to share after just ONE month. What is this? >.<

  9. rockgrodan – In general free users don’t get invites very often. It also depends a lot on which country you’re in and whether we can increase our growth in that market.

  10. BBB said today, that spotify had 10 invites for me to give away, but where do i found this invites????

  11. @fremei
    Click the ”products” link at the top of this page. Then click ”share spotify” under the account menu at the bottom of the ”products page”.

  12. @fremei
    I just realised that the share spotify link is accessible from this page too. Just look below.

  13. BBB said to me on spotify that I have been given invites to share but “My account” says that I don’t have any invites. How do I get them??