Spotify at Fritz’s Corner

Saturday night, January 17th, Spotify is teaming up with Fritz’s Corner in Stockholm for another night of our favorite tunes. Our in-house DJs Max and Erik will be bringing their special DJ rack to mix music straight from Spotify and will open up the DJ booth to members of the audience so they can add their own tracks to the playlist. The night also includes two great artists, Jonathan Johansson & Marching Band who will be performing live.

Everyone is welcome so feel free to drop by, Fritz’s Corner members get a discount, doors open at 20:00 and for more information check out the Fritz’s Corner website.


  1. To bad neither Jonathan Johansson or Marching Band seem to be available in Spotify 😦 Are they on their way?

    Another thing. Will you be adding “Most played (by me)”, “Top rated (by me)” et cetera lists to Spotify?

    Love Spotify. Peace.

  2. What is happening with the playlists?
    “Could not synchronize playlists. Retrying…”

  3. We’re having problems too, good to know it’s not just us! Looking forward to Friday.

  4. Spotify nämns i den här serien. Vet inte vart jag ska skicka det, så varsågod.

  5. lassewan & frx;

    Same here. Almost 3-5 playlists of mine is gone, gone and gone. Hopefully it will be restored but unfortunately the synchronization was acting pretty bad yesterday and it didn’t help one bit. Anyway, I’ve created two new playlists now in which I’ve started to fill with music again. I hope this time it won’t get deleted or something.