Support for Spotify URIs in Colloquy 2.2 and Skype 2.8 for Mac OS X

An increasing amount of software supports Spotify URIs. Adium has had it for a while. Colloquy 2.2, an IRC client released today, and Skype 2.8 for Mac OS X, released in beta earlier this week, have it too.

If you’re a software developer, don’t hesitate adding support, helping us eventually get rid of the ugly HTTP workaround links!


  1. I wonder if you can get the Windows Live Messenger devs to add support for the spotify URI… but I am doubting it :

  2. I really hope Pidgin will support the Spotify URI. Im on Linux and can’t Spotify http to work via Firefox.

    Önskar gärna en nativ Linux client! Ser också att man kan köpa endags-pass via sms. Perfekt om man ställer till med fest! Tack för en bra produkt 😉

  3. Oh my Lordy – you’re all too technical for me. But I’m enjoying Spotify and enjoying recommending onwards to people.

    What I’d like to know is can a fellah use Spotify to supply the music at a public show / exhibition in the UK?

    Appreciate your view..

  4. @gabma: Assuming your application already has a facility for identifying URIs and sending them to the system’s URI resolver (or specific protocol handlers), you just have to match strings starting with “spotify:” and send them to the resolver or directly to Spotify.

  5. @ehn Thanks for writing back. But how do you get the name of the artist and song like adium does ? f.ex: copying spotify:track:75Mw2Uj4jNULdkbdsEf0Hw into Adium it shows Ellen Allien & Apparat – Jet

  6. @gabma: That’s more or less a feature of Mac OS X – upon copying or dragging a Spotify link, Spotify creates a “package” including metadata such as title and artist. When such a “package” is later dropped or pasted into a rich text view (Adium uses one of those), this text view can obtain both a “title” and a “URI” from the “package”, thus the final pretty link. Technically speaking, in Mac OS X, you can extract any metadata available in sucha a “package” at paste/drop-time using plain Cocoa.

  7. I agree that a native Linux client is very much needed! Wine doesn’t work so well for me all the time.

    Also you need to create some sort of API other programs can use. 🙂

  8. What have you done to the sound quality?? Suddenly everything sounds like crap! Like a massive bitrate reduction… 😦

    Please change it back.

  9. @rasmus …. ok i see 🙂
    What about in a web browser. ? would it be possible to add a link like: or spotify:track:1kkABeybxH8o9D4jHY5Hjg and instead of showing the url.. show the name of the artist and song in the <a>
    f.ex: <a href=””>Artist – Song</a>

    … or extract it from a json output or something ?

  10. @ixajt: Nothing has been changed that should affect sound quality. Are you using Wine? In that case, you could try to turn off hardware acceleration. Go here: spotify:config.

  11. Dear Skype, thanks for adding Spotify URI support to Skype on Apple Computers! I just love sharing Spotify songs everyday with friends and I can tell you: My brother – using Skype on Windows – is jealous like hell! Keep the ball rolling…

    That´s another good reason for switching to Apple 😉

  12. Would be nice if you could pass commands to spotify through applescripts.
    Hint* Hint* Hint*