Spotify Premium, Emmon exclusive


This week we have a special pre-release for Spotify Premium users in Sweden. Starting today and going until January 7th premium users can listen to Emmon’s new album, Closet Wanderings, plus 4 remixes which are exclusive to Spotify. On January 8th the album will be available for pre-listen to all Spotify users and will be released in stores on February 19th.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Sitting here, enjoying Ruben Blades album “Mundo”, i once again feel that i want to express my gratitude for Spotify and your ambitious work. And as a teacher i find it wonderful to se all my pupil´s positive reactions when they realize that spotify is a legal solution to their musical needs. X-mas has never been merrier!

  2. Spotify is the greatest gift this decade!

    I’d love to know if you’re able to share geography and some demography of Spotify-users. When I search for all the songs on Spotify I see artists like Anna Ternheim unreasonably high from a world-p.o.v.

    Leaving the impression the majority are still Swedes, or Anna’s rightly been recognized by the world audience through Spotify. Which is it?

  3. Hey, nice!
    Also I was wondering if you are going to try to get Looptroop Rockers new album Good Things on Spotify. It was released by Bad Taste Records.
    Btw, I really hope you are reading the suggestions sent to you through the program, as I have sent you some nice suggestions to you there on how you could improve Spotify a whole lot.