Spotify Premium, New Kids on the blog

New Kids on the Block might be Grown Men but they’re still Hangin’ Tough. A successful tour and new album have propelled them back into the limelight and you can be a part of it.

We’ve got four limited edition collectors packs for Spotify Premium users in Sweden. The pack includes a deluxe copy of the new NKTB album, The Block, as well as a specially designed New Kids canvas bag. If you’d like to win a prize, leave a comment by next Friday and we’ll let you know if you’ve got The Right Stuff.


  1. My girlfriend is the biggest fan! When they were reunited earlier this spring, i got her tickets for the London concert in the O2 Arena as a birthday present. Winning this will truly make her Christmas.

  2. OMG! YES! Its the best christmas gift for my friend Mariah! She is 29 and reliving her teen N.K.O.T.B years..

  3. I like to win!

    I love Spotify, but I also like an AirTunes plugin to Spotify. If you get that plugin I’ll stop using iTunes. I know there is Airfoil ( but i don’t want to pay for something I think should already be in this product, and I don’t want to use multiple programs. Keep up the good work!

  4. I really want this!
    Also I really want the possibility to play spotify via my playstation 3, or as the person above states via airtunes.
    Have a nice day!

  5. After using Spotify together with Airfoil for a few months i got to say its well worth the money. I dont really think Apple will allow other companys to use Airtunes like iTunes does but Airfoil aint that expensive and it works great with most audioapplications.

    What i would really want is an Spotify-iPhoneapp and/or a webinterface for Spotify. Please gimme for christmas, pretty please?

  6. @mikelowndes:

    A program called Airfoil works just great and its for windows and mac
    check their website or gggoogle for “airfoil”


  7. skulle sitta som en smäck när jag glider omkring på mekongfloden genom laos och cambodia.. nästan så jag ska ta med mig grejorna och donera till kidsen där nere så dom får en new kids x-mas =)

  8. I’m a new kid on the blog and I’ve definately got the right stuff, send me that cd and I’ll be back in the 80s for sure!!


  9. Ha ha….I had to join my kid sister at a concert with NKTOB 1991 in Stockholm. I were probably the only teenage guy at that concert.

  10. Tänk om jag vinner ett paket istället för nån som verkligen gillar dom, det vore nästan orättvist, men man kan ju alltid ge bort det till nån. Tack!