Spotify 0.3.8

We just released Spotify 0.3.8. For this version of Spotify:

  • Undo for playlist operations has been added
  • Username and password has been added to the proxy settings


  1. Hi liebling,

    There’s no need to patch anything, Spotify will automatically update itself the next time you run it so you shouldn’t have to do anything in order to get the latest version.


  2. Too bad you didn’t fix the bug I reported to you. Not a big bug, but still a bug 🙂

  3. On the top of my wanted features list is an extra column in collaborative playlists so you see who added what song

  4. It would be great to be able to adjust proxy settings before we try to login. I still can’t get it to work at work though, which is odd. What ports does it use once it gets through the proxy?

  5. vrsylmsml, if you are in the preference view just make the Spotify window larger and you will see it!

  6. Two comments:

    1) I would ask for something really simple: imho, the playlist list should be over the “last searches”. I don’t want to maximize the window so i have to roll down the window to find my playlists. And intuitively it looks better since it is supposed to be more important and therefore it should be first

    not very much of a revolution, i know 🙂

    2) I would like an option for a punctual donation. Maybe I don’t want to subscribe monthly but I would like to support the work. Not ideal as a basis but might be a good addition

    (P.S. btw, I’m amazed by spotify, just striked into my olympus internet list)

  7. Must say Spotify is brilliant, cannot believe this is true. This will be a smashing major hit, with more users than Facebook. I really hope your business model will work! Good Luck!

  8. Is there any place where you can post suggestions of new features? I really, really miss being able to browse (sub)genres, would make it so much easier to explore new music. The similar artists feature is kinda limited and at times a bit inaccurate.

  9. If you use Spotify as a musical source for your HiFi-equipment, you could get disappointed. Any plans on improving the soundquality?

  10. Keep on doing the good work… 😛 Maybe it’ll be possible in the future to implement info display for G15 and future G19 Logitech Keyboards… Good luck!

  11. yeah plz … would loove plugin to G15!!
    pls pls pls [crossing fingers and toes ) make it happen 😀

  12. Every time I download Spotify off the website for my Mac OS X (running on Snow Leopard) it shows up as version 0.3.20 and when opened, does not update. Any help?

  13. Yep, Spotify does NOT update automatically. Not ver. 0.3.23 anyway. Why the heck can’t there be an option to “update now” somewhere in the menu?