Spotify Premium, Want Ya!


If you Flashback to 2004 you’ll remember Darin’s long run on Swedish Idol, this week you can pre-listen to his new album in Sweden, but If You Wanna listen to it early you’re going to need Spotify Premium.


Also pre-released this weekend in Sweden is a new album by Markoolio who hopes to make a Big bang with his latest release, Jag är konst.


  1. Hi not the ideal forum, but given that I can’t see another place to say this. Please release / develop some sort of iphone web app, I presume you will not be allowed to produce an official App for the store as it would compete with iTunes. But a web one would be just fine!!!!

  2. Nice nice! Its only get better and better to be a premium user. 🙂
    Thanks for the wonderful service.