Santa’s little helpers

As we busily plan and prepare for all the exciting things we have coming up for Christmas it’s starting to resemble Santa’s workshop around the office, if you don’t believe us take a look yourself.


  1. cute! but through what time portal did that emerge 45 minutes from the future?

  2. It would be very nice to be able to give a few invites to family and friends as a christmas gift!

  3. Is there any way of giving feedback on the music library/request for artists albums? Anyway, the post beta version should have some form of listing most wanted artists not licensed yet. I’m on a free account at the moment which is great – but if I’m to pay for the account – At the very least, I want to be able to find albums by Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin


  4. Seems to be a slight issue with invites ^_^ I had 5, I invited 4 people one of which accepted but it still says I have 5 left 🙂 I’m not complaining because I’m happy to invite lots of my friends, I want people to see this product its great 🙂

  5. Lucky you midgar mate 🙂

    Had four invites, invited family and friends. That was a couple of months ago. Still on zero.

    Seems invites have turned into a great marketing tool.