Spotify Premium, your Wonderchild


Back in September Christian Walz headlined at the Spotify party in Stockholm and
after such a wild and crazy experience he’ll certainly Never Be Afraid Again! Next week Christian is releasing his new album The Corner and this weekend our premium users in Sweden can be first to hear it.


Premium users in Sweden can also pre-listen to Eldkvarn’s new album Hunger Hotell and we have 2 exclusive tickets to the release party at a secret Stockholm location on Monday night, to win leave a comment and we’ll pick a winner Monday morning.


Plus fans of Studio can check out Dan Lissvik’s first solo album 7trx+intermission , exclusively on premium this weekend.


Oh and there’s even more, Lena & Orup will be performing live in Stockholm on December 3rd and we have two tickets up for grabs! So if you are a Spotify Premium user leave a comment to this blog and we’ll pick a lucky winner by the 26th of November.

We will contact winners via their registered email address, winners need to respond to claim a prize…….so remember if you do enter make sure you Dubbel check your mail from Spotify!


  1. … seem to be swedish releases only. Meaning that the labels/artists told Spotify to restrict the playback to users from Sweden only. But why does Spotify put this info on the worldwide blog then? Hmmm?

  2. Eldkvarn is my favourite. Give me two tickets so I can told them and at the same time invite a very good friend.

  3. I’ve never liked neither Lena nor Orup. I think their music leaves a lot to wish for.

    But, to properly judge an artist (or two in this case) you have to hear them live. And well, I feel like giving them another chance, so, send some tickets my way! 😉

  4. Haven’t seen Eldkvarn live since 1991. Plura was drunk and almost fell of the stage, good thou..

    Would be greate to see them again!

  5. I would love to see Eldkvarn live since they are one of my absolute favorit bands. And more importanly, my mother (who is an even bigger fan of Eldkvarn) is turning 50 this sunday and it would be a perfect birthday gift.

  6. I love to se two tickets to Lena + Orup so I can give them to my parents as an early christmas present and so I can spoil my girlfriend a little more 😀

  7. Can 2 hours with Lena + Orup make up for 14 years of waiting for Chinese Democracy? You tell me, spotify….

  8. Thank’s everyone for your comments. The winners of the prizes have been notified via email. Stay tuned to our blog for more prizes in the near future!