New music is now live!

We’re really excited to let you know that we’ve added a whole bunch of new content to Spotify this week from some great indie labels.

Now you can listen to new artists and albums from the Merlin network which represents the rights of hundreds of independent artist, this week’s updates are primarily from the Beggars and Matador labels. These labels have some fantastic bands such as the Pixies and Belle & Sebastian that we hope you check out. Enjoy!


  1. Nice! But how do I find this? I agree with linderborg, a list that shows what’s new!

  2. I noticed this yesterday and I’m thrilled! LOTS of previously unavailable and even deleted music is back. Love it!

    But I agree with above posters, a list would be very convenient.

  3. I can has RSS/Atom-feed for blog?
    Blogs without syndication don’t have friends! 🙂

  4. You mean a more visible one. Caus there is a feed.. 😛

    Anyway: Most importent thing to do right now is fixing the horrible selection of Kent! Sign them up.. 😦

  5. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the comments, listing all the new bands might not be possible since there are so many of them but we’ll try and be more vocal in promoting the albums that get added.

    There is a feed for the blog, I’ll make sure it gets added to the header for easy access. The link is:

  6. I just signed up – and the Spotify service is brilliant!
    Just one question: How come you don´t include genre (as a search criteria and as metadata for each song)?

  7. jorgenb: It is there. Searching “genre:rock” (without the “) gives you all rock.

  8. You’ve got a really great project here, not only do you have the classic / mainstream albums covered, I was suprised to see the likes of less known screamo/indie artists on Spotify.

    With the likes of Alesana, Fall of Troy, and Protest the Hero on Spotify I’m happy! Keep up the great work! I don’t mind the adverts at all 😀 Great effort, and fantastic product 🙂 *grats*

  9. Really great service, except for one thing: lots of albums have become unavailable since I signed up, almost always without explanantion. You might be adding new content, but I’m getting kind of fed up of losing the stuff I already listen to.