Spotify Premium, Perfect Symmetry

As a Spotify Premium member, Somewhere Only We Know is a place where you can listen to a world of great music completely uninterrupted, a place were you get access to pre-release listening from some of the world’s greatest artists and now automatic entry into exclusive Spotify concert ticket lotteries.

This week we are pleased to tell you that two of our premium members have won tickets and will be going to see Keane live in concert with their Perfect Symmetry tour this Saturday in Stockholm. Congratulations to Dan Backman and Björn Gustafsson! We hope you have a great time tonight!


  1. just need to say, I had doubt about this kind of music service, but now I have started to use it, and it works great!

  2. I music fan and I have always been. Since end of the 90s I have used programs like Napster, Kazaa, Mozilla and in the last years bittorrent and FTP to be able to listen to all kinds of music. The CD died for a long time ago in my world.
    When I heard about spotify, it took me basically less then I day befored I signed up. I was worried about the sound quality and the range of music, but so far so good. It defintly worth 99kr a month.
    But the biggest advantage with spotify is that I now can enjoy music without having bad conscience. Im from now on legal..

  3. haha, “Congratulations to Dan Backman and Björn Gustafsson!” Sounds lika a joke, these are two big names within swedish comedy…