Spotify Premium, in the pink

Spotify Premium users in Sweden can Get the Party Started earlier than expected this weekend with yet another pre-release. This time we’re bringing you P!nk with her new album Funhouse. Be first to hear it exclusively and uninterrupted with Spotify Premium! See… it’s not such a Long Way to Happy.

P!nk banner


  1. Great application! I think there should be a mobile edition of Spotify. It would be great to have music with out storing it on the mobile. Plus subscription needs to be cheaper. Remember you will have to compete with free music on the internet 🙂

  2. I’ll do this in swedish..

    NÀr man har pÄ Shuffle-funktionen sÄ tycker jag det hade varit vÀldigt bra om spellistan automatiskt scrollades upp/ner till lÄten som spelas just nu. Som i iTunes alltsÄ.

    En annan sak, hade varit vĂ€ldigt trevligt om ni kunde lĂ€gga till en “All Min Musik”-lista i menyn, dĂ€r alla lĂ„tar jag lĂ€gger till i nĂ„gon spellista automatiskt ocksĂ„ hamnar i den listan.

    FortsÀtt köra pÄ sÄ hÀr bra!