Spotify 0.3.7

We are in the process of releasing Spotify 0.3.7. For this version of Spotify:

  • The menus have been restructured slightly
  • The bug reporting tool in the client has been modified
  • A bug related to non-printable characters in playlist names has been fixed
  • Product state has been added to the client for premium and day pass users
  • A bug causing incorrect hover effects has been fixed


  1. and still I cannot get it to work at work, and it’s frustrating. I wonder if I could get it to work if I manually could set the proxy server… like for other applications (that I manage to get up and running)

  2. I love Spotify, but what would make it awesome if it could connect to AirTunes and stream to my stereo, like iTunes does 🙂

  3. Use Airfoil and you can streem Spotify to any Airport Express or similar. Works perfect. Forget iTunes and the like. This is the moderna era – the Spotify era, everything, everywhere anytime – anyhow 🙂

  4. defdac, in the login screen: if Spotify fails to login you can add Proxy settings manually by clicking on the link proxy settings.

    If you are logged on to Spotify you can access the settings by the menu:
    mac: Spotify -> Preferences
    pc: Edit -> Preferences

  5. i cant sign in to spotify, it says theres no connection but msn and the internet is working and i tried the proxy settings thing but i dont know what 2 put in, plz help me!