Spotify Premium, our first exclusive

Everyone loves music. We know that a lot of you love John Legend. So we’re really pleased to tell our premium users in Sweden that this weekend they get the chance to listen to John Legend’s eagerly awaited new album Evolver, including two additional bonus tracks, before it goes on open release next week.

Over the coming weeks and months we’re planning to bring our premium customers even more exclusive pre-release listening opportunities from some of the world greatest artists and working on a whole bunch of other fun stuff that we just can’t wait to share.

When you’re a Spotify Premium user Each Day Gets Better.

john Legend Exclusive


  1. It’s sad that you still get the best experience not by being a paying customer, but by going the pirate route. A torrent with Evolver has been available on your local tracker since at least this tuesday.

  2. I have just received my invite to use Spotify and I have to say that it is one of the greatest and most exiting concepts ever. This is the future of music and I hope you get all the backing you need from all the music labels. I am not paying yet, but with exclusive access like this John Legend one, I would be very happy to pay $10 a month to use this service. Just keep growing that database of music!

  3. Kanon! Jag tycker att flera invites att dela ut för oss premium customers vore bra. På sikt skulle även ännu bättre ljudkvalitet erbjudas för premium customers. På så sätt skulle man nog kunna få flera att vilja betala för denna tjänst.

  4. Sure this is a nice thing. But my girlfriend don’t think to highly of you when she can’t find Katy Perry – I kissed a girl, when that one is available I might be able to even make her a believer 😛

  5. Det här blir ju bättre och bättre för varje dag! Ni rockar som vanligt!

    Enligt artikeln på DI ska ju dessutom 95% av all musik finnas på Spotify inom 6 veckor! Det är så värt 99 kr per månad.