Ads in Spotify

tower-ad.jpgEarlier this year, in February, we started testing advertising within Spotify for a few of our beta testers. As we get closer to launch we’re expanding this advertising test to include almost all Spotify users. As from today you’ll notice that we’re testing a number of different models and formats, including audio spots and banners. As always we’d appreciate any ideas or input.

Throughout the summer we’ll research how the ads are received and hope you’ll be up for helping us with feedback. Spotify will be launched in two flavours: a free version with advertising, and a premium version without. More details on the product launch will follow!

Music can be a powerful messenger. We’ve put together a list of songs that probably will make you think about a specific brand or message. Can you match the right song with the right brand? Send me your guess and the first one coming up with the correct answers will get five extra invites!

A shout goes out to our friends here in Sweden at the media agencies Bizkit, Carat, MindShare, OMD, Starcom and Wisely for providing us with the creatives. Last but not least our continued thanks to all of our beta testers! You rock!


  1. Youhouuuu !! thanks to this contest I’ve got my own account now

    By the way the Kent one was tricky..

  2. Ads in Spotify: It´s critical for advertisers that Spotify does not compromise with the overall user experience when in comes to advertising. Less is more. … and the key to success.

    If Spotify turns to another “Times Square” the user experience will go down and the likability to use an ad driven Spotify will decline rapidly. And with limited reach it´ll be very hard to move advertisers to invest in Spotify.

    On the other hand: People all around the world will love, heavily use and accept an ad-driven and ad-supported Spotify when the “trade off” for free access is a fair trade.

    Context-relevant-ad support that goes hand in hand with a sensitive combination (mix) of music and ads will be king.

    I wish Spotify success.

  3. Any chance we can get our hands on the Spotify Premium adverts in a reusable form (e.g. GIF files?). I’m sure many users would like to advertise Spotify on their sites… but for Spotify related sites, advertising the premium service is something some of us would like to do.

  4. The condom adverts are VERY inappropriate, I am listening to music and my mum walks in, it’s not very respectful. It’s quite embarrassing and I have to quickly turn the volume down. WHICH I SHOULDNT HAVE TO DO!!!!!!! Any other adverts are fine but SEX ads are a NO NO!!!!!!!!

  5. Hmm… I don´t really like pokersite advertisements and i hate that Jonathans “Now it´s ALSO possible to buy spotify premium” I think that ad comes way too often. But i understand that you pay your music by advertisement. I would love that you would let me put voice off when advertisement comes. Adtimer stops when I change volume.

  6. I love Spotify but there are problems with the adverts. I hate the horror movie adverts!!HORRIBLE!! They freak me out, especially when im listening to music before bed. They have screaming and scary mood music. It’s unsettling before bed. when i try to mute it it stops playing, so forcing me to listen to it! I also hate the ads for screamo/metal rock bands and other music i HATE!

    You shud ask costumers wot dare intrests are and then you can target the right ads at the right people. They’ll be more of a chance that people will actually respond to the service/product being advertised.

    The banner adverts are so annyoing as well. they shud be on screen all the time or not at all!! I keep acidentlly clicking on a ad or the wrong song, just becasue the banner pops up and moves my song up or down five rows!!!!

    Spotify, please please please sort dis out as soon as possilbe. i’v even given solutions to the problems. That’s how desperate i am to listen to my muisc without any fustration.

  7. The Take That Singstar advert is the most annoying thing I have ever come across in my life. Maybe less an advert for the product, but more and incentive to get more people to upgrade to premium? Ha.

  8. I agree with what’s been said about the poor adverts – I’m all for letting users choose what adverts they wish to have. Many sites do that, allowing you to select categories ie. Sports & Fitness, Arts, Motoring etc.
    I don’t even see the need for sound ads when it’s just as effective to use banners.
    [because – let’s not kid ourselves – very, very few people even pay attention to these ads anyway…]