Spotify 0.2.14

We have released Spotify 0.2.14. In this version there are a few visible changes:

  • A new view has been added to visualize the play queue.
  • Growl support has been added.
  • The graphics for the tabs has been changed.
  • The entire footer area has been polished.
  • The area showing which track is currently playing has been moved.
  • The white borders have been removed from all artist images except in biographies.

Screenshot of Spotify 0.2.14, with focus on the Play Queue

The Play Queue is a list of tracks that will be played before any other music. It can be used for out-of-order playback of tracks without interrupting the flow of the music. Queued tracks can be seen in white in the Play Queue view. The grey tracks are from the view that was playing before tracks were added to the Queue and illustrate future playback once the Play Queue runs out. Queue tracks by selecting “Queue” in a track’s context menu or by dragging tracks to the Play Queue.


Growl is a notification system for Mac OS X, that applications can use when they want to tell you something — in the case of Spotify, that a new song started playing. Growl is highly customizable — you decide what notifications you want, how they look, how long they stay on your screen, and so on.