CocoaHeads Stockholm

Since we’re developing Spotify for the Macintosh platform, we occasionally stumble upon the wonderful world of Cocoa. To celebrate this, a few of us programmers have decided to start a local CocoaHeads chapter here in Sweden.

Therefore, we hereby invite all of you interested in Cocoa development to our very first meeting, next Monday (June 02). We’ll kick off in our office at Humlegårdsgatan 20 here in Stockholm, at 18:00 CET. We’ll start with a short introduction of ourselves, and then talk about the coming WWDC and our expectations (nothing fancy, just a discussion where everyone is welcome to share their thoughts on Steve’s upcoming keynote). There’s a projector available if anyone wants to bring their laptop and show stuff for the rest of the audience.

During the meeting, we will also try to plan the coming sessions; guest speakers, location etc. Finally (for those who want); after the meeting, we’ll go out together and try to find some place to get some tasty food.

We’re looking forward to see you next Monday. Welcome!