Spotify 0.2.12

Screenshot of Spotify 0.2.12We just released Spotify 0.2.12. For this version of Spotify:

  • The graphics for the play/pause control buttons has been updated.
  • The information for the unavailable albums has been changed.
  • More category dividers have been added to the artist pages.
  • Context menus have been added for the artist title on artist and album pages.
  • A bug causing links to positions in tracks to crash Spotify has been fixed.
  • The not-available text is no longer displayed above every disc in an unavailable album.

And most notably, a new start page with top lists has been added. It is available from the Start Page link in the left pane. You can view top tracks, albums and artists both globally and for yourself. Play around with the controls!


  1. Looks good! =) One q though, is the meaning with the two lists to be able to compare your tracks to the general spotify populations, etc? Otherwise I’m not exactly sure why there are two identical lists there? and is absolute barn favoriter2004 really the second most played album on spotify? If so, I will become a little frightened.

  2. You can view two lists at the same time. It’s pretty neat. The design isn’t necessarily final. We’re playing around with it, looking for feedback.