Looking for S60 developers

Do you think Spotify seems like a pretty neat thing and would like to help us achieving our goal of providing everyone with all the music everywhere? If you have experience of Nokia’s S60 platform or are just such a kick-ass coder that you think you can learn it in an instant, please send your résumé (in PDF or plain text) to jobs@spotify.com.

If you’re the one we’re looking for, you’re highly passionate about what you’re doing and eager to keep learning new stuff. You thrive in an environment where everyone knows what they’re doing and won’t hesitate helping each other grow.

Most of our developers are in Stockholm, Sweden, so ideally, that’s where you are (or are willing to relocate to).


  1. Whatever mobile platform that has Spotify wins the mobile music market in my opinion.

  2. So is this on ?
    I just got a Nokia E66 and is eager to make spotify work there.

  3. stay S60! with nokia’s plans it is nothing but success!! Android might be open source now.. but soon it will be yesterday’s news!