Spotify 0.2.11

Screen shot of Spotify 0.2.11We just released Spotify 0.2.11. Changes since the previous version:

  • Multi-disc albums are displayed as multiple discs rather than separate albums (or a very long album).
  • Spotify for the Mac uses the key chain for storing passwords again.
  • The symbol highlighting the currently played track in a list of tracks is a triangle again.
  • Spotify links work also when Spotify is not running.
  • A bug that caused the login window to expand over the entire screen is fixed.
  • Logging in and searching using non-western characters works in Spotify for Windows too.


  1. Couldn’t resist to say the same as sarnesjo. 🙂
    Swenglish “Freday” (Friday is fredag in Swedish) is sweet too and “Till: Mamma” (To: mother) is cute. 😛

  2. Spotify took a hure step down with: “The selected song is not avaliable in your country” 😦

  3. Guys, what’s happening! Some of my favourite songs are “The selected song is not available in your country” . Please tell me this is a temporary thing!!!

  4. Och, en ny funktion “This song is not avaliable in your country” – ??!

  5. Hm.. “The selected song is not avaliable in your country”.. Det gör ju att all glädje bara raserades.. Känns tomt här i livet nu igen.. att veta att man inte har tillgång till allt helt plötsligt.. Hoppas verkligen inte detta är en bestående “uppgradering”..

  6. For those of you who feel like you have lost a bit of your heart, or at least some of your favorite tracks — this will not be a permanen “upgrade” (as pixay wishes). Read the blog post about “Where did my music go?” to get the good feelings back again: /blog/archives/2008/04/24/huge-metadata-overhaul-or-where-did-my-music-go