Spotify 0.2.10

We just released Spotify 0.2.10.

These are some of the changes since 0.2.9:

  • The color schema has been changed as a first step towards a new design.
  • A bug that made the application forget about playlist owners has been fixed.
  • A bug that crashed Spotify when the play queue was opened after starting Spotify has been fixed.
  • The Mac crash reporter has been reworked.
  • The delete and play buttons in the playlist list have been removed.
  • A bug that occurred when resizing album cover art images on the Mac has been fixed.
  • The shuffle behavior has been changed so that when playing a playlist and shuffle is active, the playlist is reshuffled, and the first track played is not the same every time.
  • A bug that broke URIs to playlists has been fixed.
  • Ctrl-click can be used instead of right-click or two-finger-click on the Mac (again).
  • The playlist deletion confirmation button is now red.

We also fixed a few additional crash bugs which we knew of thanks to the crash reporting system.