Searching Spotify

One of the core features of Spotify is searching. You just type the name of an artist or a song into the search bar and off you go. Normally that’s all you need to get the Spotify experience: you know, when you think of some music and literally seconds later you’re listening to it.

There are cases, though, when you need to refine your queries. Perhaps you don’t want to search for “madonna“, because you’re not looking for the artist Madonna, but rather songs whose titles include the word “madonna”. Then you can search for “title:madonna“.

Similarly, you can search for “album:madonna” and “artist:madonna” to find only matching albums and artists, respectively.

To further refine your searches (or to indulge in some nostalgia or browse through a new musical genre), you can search for a year, a range of years or a genre: “year:1969“, “year:1994-1996” or “genre:soul“.

Logically, you can use combinations to search for techno from the early 90s or Grateful Dead songs from the late 60s: “genre:techno year:1990-1995” or “artist:”grateful dead” year:1965-1970“. In the latter example, you see how you can use quotes to control to what parts of the search string a keyword applies.


    Enjoy it is a game
    The author assures to be Pink Floyd, the only man who is able to tame the sphinxes. To demonstrate it, he creates an online game. In this game the visitors …

  2. Is there a complete list of parameters somewhere? I see nothing about country but I would like to use it and I cannot get it to do what I want.

  3. Does spotify have a manual/documentation for all of categories and such that you can use in search? This would be helpfull?

  4. A killer feature would be if it will be possible to search all the shared music by a specific user. Something like:
    In the Search box: user:fgblanch
    Soy i could see wath are my friends listening. I trust more in my friends musical taste rather than an algorithm one. Don’t you think so . Thanks and keep doing a great job! congratulations!

  5. No public tagging? The search system’s only as good as the tagging by Spotify’s staff, which is incomplete to say the least.

    Pandora’s system of generating ‘radio stations’ based on tracks selected by the user (of course backed by their Genome project) is far superior.

  6. I can get neither “title: madonna”, nor “track: madonna” to list songs with “madonna” in the title. What’s up?

  7. You want “artist”, not “title”, and you shouldn’t have any spaces in there. Try this link: spotify:search:artist:madonna

  8. Using advanced search, I get some hundred songs, but the search list only shows part of the bands found. Why not give me the whole list, sorted by bands?

  9. Using the search “year:2010” gives me a lot of old songs. Isn’t “year” the year the song was published from the record company?

  10. i’d like to know if gospel/worship songs falls under a genre of its own

  11. What if I don’t want to search among my local files, only in the spotify catalogue? or vice versa.

  12. the spotify:search: Seem to work only with no advanced filters?
    spotify:search:artist:madonna does not work with me,
    artist:madonna in spotify itself does ??

  13. Nope can’t get this to work at all.
    genre: electronica with all the combos of spaces and inverted commas possible, but nothing

  14. How to find rap music from 2009 or 2010?

    genre:rap year:2009-2010
    genre:rap year:2009
    genre:rap year:2010

    This works:
    genre:rap year:2005
    genre:rap year:2005-2010

    This also works:
    rap year:2010

    Guess this should be reported somewhere..? 🙂

  15. Is there a command to exclude search hits containing additional words? I.e. if I would like to search for tracks named “Hymn” – I would not be interested in search results like “Battle Hymn”, “Hymn for her” – I would only be interested in tracks named “Hymn”, nothing more. Anyway to make the search behave that way?

  16. altough all those “<type>:<search data> <logical function> <type 2>:<search data 2>” -functions are usable and us nerds we learn how to use them, for most of the users those are too illogical (and too badly documented.)

    Therefore I’d propose a advanced search -functionality to next spotify version. Or dropdown menu with pre-defined options like “Search for label” or “Search of release year” .

  17. Why isn’t drum’n’bass on the genre-list? There is jungle/drum’n’bass, industrial drum’n’bass and drill’n’bass.

  18. Is it possible to search for premium content, like right now i see that Eminem – Recovery is a premium only album, so if i was considering buying premium it might be worth being able to search and see what other albums are premium only

  19. i have seen on spotify that amy grant – baby baby is on there, like it is on every other music website, but there is a version of it on places like youtube, its a remix of the song baby baby, and she sings it in a more funky way, it goes under the title of baby, baby (no getting over you mix). is anybody able to post that on spotify, or does anybody know if that version is already on here

  20. What about record labels? How do you search them?
    I was trying to search up riot pop records (which they do have an album released by an artist on riot pop on spotify)
    i’ve tried:
    spotify:label:riot pop
    spotify:label:riot pop records
    spotify:label:”riot pop”
    spotify:label:”riot pop records”
    and all of those with spotify:recordlabel: in stead of just spotify:label:
    Help please!?

  21. Years 2009-2011 don’t work with any genre!

    genre:blues year:2009-2011
    genre:blues year:2009
    genre:blues year:2010

    Here is lot of blues albums released during 2009-2011

  22. Anyone else not being able to make any search on Spotify??? I can’t write anything but I can click on the green with an arrow button.
    I haven’t got any clue about what is happening.