1. can anyone give me instructions on installment for iphone or nokia mobile? thnx

  2. I would like to have a Spotify remote for S60 mobile (Nokia E71) Anyone who can fix that? =)

  3. I’ve updated the original Salling Clicker Spotify remote code to work better with snow leopard and spaces. The updated script is found at: The site is in Swedish but the script is english.

    Although this script does a good job controlling Spotify it isn’t a good solution. Please Spotify, give us an API. I would prefer AppleScript for the OS X version. To everyone else: go in to or to tell Spotify what you want!

  4. Check out remoteless! New and feature rich iPhone remote for Spotify on windows (and later mac). Website got video demonstration and blog, and we think that this is much better then existing scripts and supports browsing and search and everything you need from your couch…


  5. Does anyone know how to uninstall Spotify Remote (Mac)?
    I don’t really use it any more, and I’m tired of having to update it all the time to stop the “new version” pop-up from appearing all the time.