Check out who’s hot or not

My brother is a dedicated list nerd, and when he had played with Spotify for a while he told me it would be cool to see the songs played most. I try not to make a habit of agreeing with him, but to be honest we thought so too, so now we’ve added these neat popularity markers to Spotify that make it easy for you (and my brother) to check out what songs are popular among other users. Now you’ll see that you’re not the only one listening to Umbrella with Rihanna.

We’ve also added a hit list to the artist view, it’s an extra treat to you, bro! Take a quick peek the next time the party crowd requests “something by…” and you’ll be able to keep them on the dance floor (or at least out of your kitchen) all night long.

Top Hits

We are trying hard to make the Spotify updating smooth and non-intrusive but nobody is perfect. Should an auto-update ever fail, know that you can always download the latest version of Spotify from the beta site. Just log in using the same Spotify ID and password as you use for the player.

Last but not least, we’ve been giving our public web site a bit of a spring clean so that everyone can understand a little bit better what we’re doing. Unfortunately it’s still going to be a while before we can give out more invites, so you wont get company just yet.