Send your favourite songs to your Spotify friends

Police officers partying with SpotifyThis week we’ve been polishing and tweaking the Spotify client and we are proud to report that the scrolling is now 80 % faster. We have also added the first stage of one of the features you’ve requested the most. Support for linking means that you can actually drag your favourite track or artist into your instant-messenger or email client and send it to your fellow Spotifiers.

You’ve all been telling us how much fun it is to find a song you love using Spotify friends. So now when you have nostalgic trips and find the songs you sang playback to in sixth grade you can send it to your former dance partner.

Or maybe now you’re dating a rockstar and want your friends to hear the magic voice. And sometimes, you just can’t find the right words.

Green garden gnome

We want you guys to be able to enjoy, explore and share music and this is a big step towards that.

In other news we’ve finally recovered from our party last Friday. We celebrated our fine new office with friends and family as well as some groovy police officers who were obviously digging the bongo drums and disco rhythms since they paid two visits during the night. 🙂

Now that the Hawaii bar is gone it suddenly feels very empty. We’re thinking of getting one for permanent use. We are also proud to present a new member of the Spotify family, our green garden gnome! He’s supervising our work and is very green every day. A big thank you to Henrik, Micke, Simon and CK! The green guy doesn’t have name yet, if you have any good suggestions, please email them!