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Servers in LondonIt’s been almost two months since we released the beta test of Spotify after eight months of quiet work.

Thanks for all your feedback! We appreciate it, whether it’s about that new, cool social feature you’re longing for or a crash report. Please keep the feedback coming through the feedback function in the client application or send an e-mail to feedback@spotify.com!

Or just use your blog! We’ll make sure to read it! Meanwhile, we’ve been busy fixing the bugs you find, working on new features and setting up a new distribution center in London.

Servers in LondonI hope to be posting quite a lot on the blog along with other members of the Spotify team. Stay tuned for future updates and thanks for using Spotify!

Oh, and there is one more thing… Spotify for Mac is ready for your testing. Go get it!

Enjoy the music!


  1. Things have changed since the start, eh?

    You’ve come a long way…

    Your application is a genius piece of software thanks a lot 🙂

  2. I was also sad enough to read through the entire blog having only joined today so I ought to leave a message –

    This thing is incredible, I’m extremely impressed, well done and thanks a lot 🙂

  3. Thanks guys – blooming marvellous – I’m now a firm convert and spreading the word

  4. This is great – a fantastic catalogue with lots of jazz – talk about letting a child loose in a sweet shop!

  5. Hi, ev eryone. Love the website. It’s actually encouraging me to buy more music as I get to try out all this new stuff prior to purchase. Love the news that it might soon be coming to mobiles. Truley pioneering the way forawrd for listing to music. Thanks.

  6. Spotify would be even better if somehow the lyrics of the songs appeared, appart from all the other interesting information.

  7. Hi, great piece of software! congratulations.
    But I think the premium accounts are very expensive, just a thought keep the good work!

  8. Potentially, this is great but i find the adverts SO annoying. I appreciate that to be free there needs to be a certain amount of advertising but the quality of adverts are poor and the frequency clearly done to annoy users into paying for premium. The cost to remove adverts by going premium is too expensive in my opinion and the poor adverts drive me back to internet radio like soma. Needs to be cheaper for me to use it on premium …. nearly …. oh so nearly a great thing 😉

  9. Spotify is really great!

    Only one criticism… when you use it as radio, as I do, the adverts can become very annoying. The adverts are terrible, and instead of making me buy the product, probably they will make me avoid the product.

    Your premium service is a little bit expensive to pay everyday (great for a party though!)… so what I do, is just take my earphones off everytime an advert comes in. You see, it is not really working. So, some suggestions:

    a) Improve the quality of the adverts
    b) Dont repeat the same advert 100 times per day

    Thanks, and good luck! Spotify is the future!

  10. Awesome software, makes my day at work so much more bearable!!!

    BTW it would be great if you could play through the Media player to get visualizations working as well – anybody got any ideas how to do this ?

  11. Spotify is great guys.
    Found some real nice tracks on there that I probably wouldn’t have found and listened to if it wasn’t for spotify.

  12. I think there should be a button to request certain songs to be put on spotify

  13. i logged on 2day nd all my playlists have dissappeared!!! i am not happy, duz anuy1 know how 2 get it bk??? 😦

  14. Spotify ROCKZZZ iv found LODES of new songs since i downloaded spotify but some of the songs i like aren’t on spotify. I agree with lilxkris to have a button to request songs.

  15. Is there a forum where you can post which songs that you want on spotify but they doesn’t exist? Anyways couldn’t find it if there’s one. So I’ll post it here.. I want Three Days Grace – Animal I have become and Three Days Grace – Pain. I’m totally sure I’m not alone since they rock who can’t love ’em? If there’s not such a forum you MUST create one. MUST!

    Spotify’s great!

  16. I just wanted to say, spotify is simply one of the most amazing things to happen to music in a long while. Selfless and pure, the people behind this program truly epitomize what music should be about. Freedom to express and enjoy music at leisure. I hope you all give yourselves the credit you deserve, for allowing thousands to browse unrestricted and for breaking the corporate bonds that have been restraining that which should not be restrained.

  17. Glad you like the service! Let me assure you, though, that none of it has anything to do with selflessness – and there is nothing wrong with that.

  18. I cannot express my love for Spotify in just words, but I would just love to say thanks for an amazing thing.

    My feedback for future features would be:

    – Allow you to ‘comment’ or ‘rate’ tracks in your inbox so that that you can show the sender of the track whether you liked it or not.
    – Allow for the album art to be moved to the bottom right hand side so that there is more room for playlists
    – Allow playlists to be grouped. So for example, I could have a ‘New’ group which contains all my new playlists, or a ‘Chilled’ group which features all my chilled playlists. However I appreciate this could confuse some people.
    – Let us send tracks to friends via the iphone app.


  19. The support service (support@spotify.com) was able to reply to my query on the same day and provide me with the assistance I needed. I am very grateful for the promptness and clarity of the help, but above all I’m grateful to be able to use my Spotify again! I have yet to encounter a problem with Spotify itself – keep up the good work guys!

  20. You should definitely add more social features to Spotify and make the feed more useful (not only through facebook). It would be cool to see what your friends are listening or the songs they’ve starred in the feed, or playlists they’ve created.. without posting it to Facebook. I don’t feel like spamming Facebook every time I find a good song but I’d like to share that to my Spotify friends.

    btw What’s wrong with the ‘Top Artists’ and ‘Top Tracks’ display.. it usually shows random results?

  21. You are good to my ears but terrible to my eyes. Please, can you add apostrophes where they belong. ‘…allowing access to friends and other interesting peoples music.’ One ‘ after friends and one ‘ after peoples, PLEASE!